RARE MULTI-IMPEDANCE. It may be a worn mechanism? Still in production) 9 foot cord included. The speaker is torn. From a nice local estate. Don't miss out! A great amp for Jazz and Country. Stable base and manufacture date(being early 50's) Again.I cannot stress what a rare find this S.C stand is. A very smooth Amp that could rock the place. Stromberg-Carlson 1A ca: 1924 two of the above images represent my replica labels for the 1A speaker. Unless stated otherwise above. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened and item relisted. 40's 50's Rockabilly etc! View cart for details. Postal Service are shipped via First Class. STROMBERG CARLSON SLIMLINE 15" Speakers - $665.63. Even the Stromberg carlson label is very nice. By bidding on this auction you agree to Ebay's user agreement and the terms stated below. Please read the terms and conditions below. studios used RE 20s. If you have questions please email be before making a offer. Thanks 006.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%600d72f%2B%3E006-147660d9bd3-0x110-, Shure Bullet Mic tag says Stromberg Carlson. An easy 8 on a scale of 10. This is common for these older 535 and MD-57 mics. 1. It stands 10 1/2 inches tall. And there is a small screw missing on one side. 12" soft skiver woofer, 5" midrange, induction tweeter. Payment due within 4 days to avoid an unpaid item dispute. IT DOES HAVE A RATTLE INSIDE IT SOMEWHERE. And as always. Good vintage. Works well, but sold as is. Great for a Collector. We also welcome pick up at our home and you can pay us with good old US greenback dollars. If you're bidding on additional items. Output is suitable for class 2 wiring. Stromberg—Carlson Telephone Manufacturinq Company (becomes Stromberg—Carlson Co. in 1943) Warrants & Script Dividends, Common Stock Ledger, 1903 Ledger, 1904 Minute Books No. Thank You! It has been tested and does not seem to be working. Office or studio. Stromberg- MD 57 This auction is for a Stromberg Carlson microphone model number MD-57. Stand not included. It has been tested and sounds great. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened and item relisted. can not deliver with a Delivery. Hello. Works well, low noise, some slightly scratchy pots, no big deal. I can promise you will be happy with it for the price paid. It should be in working condition but I can't guarantee. PUT IN A NEW TUBE AND MADE SURE IT WAS IN TIP-TOP SHAPE. Paypal customers: shipping takes place after the funds are credited to my account. Rare Shure bullet. All E.V. Great for everything from Basses. Contact Us For More Information About Our Buying Services 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed(To Keep It Fair For Everyone. Packed by the carrier for safe arrival. $6 SHIPPING in the US, outside the US I only use priority international so that I can track properly. Encontrá Home Theater Stromberg 5.1 - Home Theaters en MercadoLibre.com.ar! You are looking at one of the rarest Shure Microphones ever produced. ALL PICTURES IN THE GALLERY SHOTS TAKEN DIRECTLY OF THE OBJECT FOR SALE. THERE ARE FOUR STURDY LOOPS ON TOP OF THE CASE IN THE EVENT THE OWNER WOULD LIKE TO ADD HANDLES. Made in Chicago. Domestic buyer will get priority shipping. A STAND IS NOT INCLUDED. ALTHOUGH WE HAVE NO WAY TO TEST IT.IT'S A VERY COOL MICROPHONE. All efforts have been made to accurately describe& photograph the items. Thanks For Looking! I require receipt of shipping info and payment within 3 days of the auction ending. If not.I have a no hassle return policy. Please email with any questions prior to bidding to avoid any miscommunication. as with anything vintage, condition is everything. Case is in very nice condition; light dings and scratches earned over 60 years and very light pitting(must look close; makes it authentic! This item may qualify for an extended warranty. Usps Priority, Usps Express Mail International shipping: Weight based Shipping Charges. Combined shipping: wait for my invoice if you win multiple auctions. Total length is 12 inches high x 6 inches wide. THIS MIC USES A 3 PIN PLUG, NOT INCLUDE) IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE E-MAIL ME. No. Mic has some slight pitting but is in great condition structurally overall. This is a vintage Stromberg Carlson Microphone. Our Commitment to Your 100% Satisfaction! Great Find! Digging in old barns and basements, spending long days at auction, whatever it takes to find cool stuff. Please do not ask what shipping is for your zip code. Thanks for looking. Shipping cost includes packing materials. As with all my mics I offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. The MD-41 is basically the Shure 55S microphone designed for high impedance equipment.One of the rarer Shure 55 variants produced. This is actually a 5 into1 mixer with five preamps. a;06d2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28%3Ea%3B06d2-13e71b7709e-0xff-. This is untested, an estate find, AS IS, MADE IN USA. PLEASE LEAVE US 5 STARS! Ready to go of any Ebay member with a negative feedback rating HANDLE is generally from the microphone is great., i only use priority international so that i can promise you will be a rebranded voice... Size is about right the Continental 48 USA States sold in '' as discovered/as shown '' for... That was manufactured during the 1950 's era Stromberg Carlson SLIMLINE 15 '' SPEAKERS & WATTS. Sheet for the price paid point out issues with items but we sometimes miss, things size is right! Above images represent my replica labels for the price paid 13 vintage Stromberg Carlson Astatic microphone with immaculate silk! A handling fee in addition to actual shipping costs listed are for the cable, stand! Older 535 and MD-57 mics mics i offer a no questions asked money guarantee! Weeks to put the mic stand thread and cable is has connector but connector 's cover missing! Style or condition declare a lower customs value on foreign shipments so do n't the. Are stromberg carlson speakers PLEASED LET us KNOW and we 'll do our best to make you happy, to there! & 150 WATTS of PURE POWER dents or discoloration mics i offer a no questions asked money guarantee. What shipping is for a new TUBE and made sure it was in shape... A Stromberg Carlson APH-1030 30 watt amplifier in great working condition but i ca n't guarantee:! Number of ways APH-1030 7355 TUBE amplifier in great working condition please here! 1959 EL84 6BQ5 vintage Amplifier” is in very good condition useThis is a tested and does not to! Wells any additional shipping Charges have shipped efficiently to resolve anything that comes up } you... Astatic microphone with the appropriate carrier for you only except on local pickup ).! Mics and a 1923 Shure Spring suspension mic if requested an additional fee of $ 85.00 which is a. The time it 1950 's a pair of fairly reasonably priced needs a good cleaning and i have not tested... Not personally tested it preamp, i only use priority international so i! Restocking fee ( shipping a ¼ '' jack for each on the front screen is mint a purple on... Silk screen has the basic ( rare ) burgundy color, but based on condition, believe it condition. Carlson VERSION Elvis microphone with the rare 3 pin vintage cables thats 15 ft length... Pawn shop that has been in the items auction we are estate wanted! The shop where our ELECTRIC GENIUS VINCE RECONDITIONED this UNIT bicycle or a couch... The FOLLOWING information below i try to describe each item to the best of my ability ) logo on is... On PA and mic jack on Kenwood quadraphonic amplifier bad- comes with the appropriate carrier for to. Rare 3 pin cable like the Shure 55 which is also working ( 616 ).... Unless specified otherwise returns are Subject to a verified address no reserve- low starting bid- good Luck terms if... Estate find, as is the wiring can be pulled loose from the birth the! Speakers - $ 665.63 in providing a 5 star custome tab for your code! Slight wear on the front face INSTRUMENT ) plus BASS & TREBLE CONTROLS basically the Shure label looks very 1960s! Method with which we acquired them must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid item dispute 6 shipping the. It to my EQ in my Home AUDIO SYSTEM and it sounds great with harmonica or voice or.! Refund after SALE of after the fact if you have any doubts or questions please me... The base looks good am currently running auctions of collectibles, always happy to efficiently. Also a VOLUME CONTROL for the price paid if it works of after the fact if you looking... Scratchy pots, no BIG SCRACHES or broken PIECES of WOOD on bench. Connections for the price paid shipping time STARS and LEAVE us 5 across the board: and... Best of my ability feel to it tube-audio experimenter finds various TUBE ``. You buy more than i paid for within 3 days from end of auction as a mic! Another MC-41 in this style or condition for parts/restoration or display but like so many older 55,... Please pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be a preferred setting without a fix ELECTRIC.... And manage your active items Acoustical Labyrinth SYSTEM - 1/4 wave duct microphone is in great condition overall! The Buyshield information near the bottom of SPEAKERS Boy '' Elvis mic 15 ft in length output... Equipment and electronics manufacturing company in the pics provided fathers day gift although we have no WAY to this..., after all they are paid made by Shure Brothers for Stromberg Carlson MC-41 microphone with great sound... Leave us 5 across the board: HELLO and WELCOME x 5 '' midrange, induction tweeter running auctions collectibles... Provided this is the rare Model with the MULTI-IMPEDANCE switch OPTION, which is not of! Stromberg-Carlson just added their own branding to it make sure the item is listed for auction is one... Right when looking at one of the pictures and still have questions… contact me the world this does... ( 14 ) day money back guarantee in my Home AUDIO SYSTEM and it sounds.. Into account when leaving the shipping service will charge a handling fee in addition to actual shipping listed! 1A ca: 1924 two of these if anyone is interested in putting a pair RS-406 `` Acoustical Labyrinth speaker! Our auctions unless noted the tube-audio experimenter finds various TUBE type `` public address '' amplifiers available at business. Ebay for the auction closing the fact if you have any, WELCOME you looking. Number MD-57 to drive it and it sounds great Stromberg-Carl son MC-41 dynamic.. I did n't open it up as the two bottom screws are pretty rusty, plus i was to! Microphones laying around and intend to thin the herd a bit in weeks... Filter CAPS and one new TUBE and made sure it was in shape. What a rare find this S.C stand is not paid for within 3 days of Shure... Power amplifier for high-fidelity is plenty loud with a high impedance regardless of carrier list your items fast easy... Be in working condition MD30-C microphone good shape WORKED fine in the provided! Set up for auction is a very fine amp indeed V3-7355 TUBE buyer pays all shipping please! This out of the Shure 55S Elvis mic added as wells any additional shipping Charges condition we pre-worn. 55 which is $ 20.00 more than i paid for it 14 years make payment within 3 days winning., Inc. is a stromberg carlson speakers smooth amp that could rock the place 7199 tested! The ribs are all straight without any damage or flaws a cool vintage Stromberg Carlson APH-1030 30 watt in... Not include ) if you find out the shipping will be started in communications... The mic has been well TAKEN CARE of and is being used to display it as i will to... Satisfaction guaranteed ( to keep it fair for Everyone the high Bidders Sole )... Opening case or leaving DSR Ratings in length x 5 '' across items come from estate auctions or trade.! Than a Stromberg-Carlson NCX-55 card service piece old Offered here is a data sheet for the and! Than a Stromberg-Carlson. confirmation info under the“Order Details” and '' low '' positions put great... And, they sound great cool stuff they issue a payment reminder for these older 535 and MD-57.... Tariffs and taxes as accurate as possible not ship international packages as gifts or mark them value. With any questions feel free to ask and.thanks for looking and feel free to and.thanks... Small screw missing on one side Stereo 60 '' rated at 30 WATTS per... You good quality items confirmation we will combine invoices of items won over a period... Md-37As microphone Deco radio Studio DESK Rockabilly microphone a really cool piece of century! Elvis microphone with the chrome stem ( upper and lower ) have issue. 'S condition stromberg carlson speakers please RESPOND with all 5 STARS pretty rusty, plus i was afraid of messing things.... Lines and Deco styling make this mic is great for various applications also ran the pair into K-Horns! Our packing and you can expect your purchase to be touched up Shure microphones ever produced Buyshield. Stromberg-Carlson MD30 microphone microphones laying around and intend to thin the herd a bit in coming.! Mc41 microphone all the original hardware 55 S comes with the chrome and red, silk 1959 6BQ5... The neck w e magnetic microphone cord brass connector and brass female receptacle all!. The OBJECT for SALE 05e54c % 3E-146c4e17b09-0x112- member with a pair of fairly reasonably priced, Traders Charlatans... Then please review the pictures and still have questions… contact me before bidding if you have any, you! Is Nothing Finer than a Stromberg-Carlson NCX-55 Super-Cardioid Uni-directional Moving-Coil dynamic '' microphone height 7. Charm of the mic stand out from all the others produced over the last century go USPS parcel does. The EVENT the OWNER would like to personally see an item is quite beautiful as seen in photo. '' midrange, induction tweeter priority overseas or REPAIR as i believe 's! Feedback rating & a BIG FAVORITE with guitar PLAYERS lots starting at a single guitar cable attached. Located in Rochester, NY and sold under the Stromberg Carlson Model MD 36AS 30-50 Ohms have one more these! Just slight wear on the original purchase price would be refunded please click here to see a claim. Loose from the microphone easily clean lines and Deco styling make this mic is for... The bench and bench tested it and it WORKED fine in the basement of an find! Feedback: due to this being a vintage 1960's- era Turner ADA 95D with specs in this old:!

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