COLONIALI ITALIANE: Italian Colonies. ABLOSUNG: Prussian local officials. A.M.G.-F.T.T. PRINCIPAUTE DE TRINIDAD: Brazil- bogus private issue (1894). PIURA: (overprint): Peru- Piura- Chilean occupation (1884). ПPOΣTAΣIA ФYMATIKΩN T.T.T. [E] CORREOS YRAPA (overprint): Venezuela- Marina, control mark on locals (1903). PREUSSEN: German States- Prussia (1861-7). PCFT: Pacific Confederation of Federal Territories. CENTENARIO DE S. ANTONIO INHAMBANR MDCCCXCV: (overprint on stamps of Mozambique): Inhambane (1895) [Centenary of St. Anthony]. FREE DERRY: Fantasy from National Lampoon. AFRICA OCCIDENTAL ESPANOLA: Spanish West Africa. web site. R.O. with V.P.K. U.S.I.R. : Colombia, Panama, Chile [Aviso de Recepcion (Advice of Receipt)]. CUERNAVACA: Mexico- Cuernavaca (1867). AFRICA CORREIOS: Portuguese Africa. REIS with CORREIO (currency, no country name): Portugal. JOGUE: India protective (to prevent employee theft) overprint produced in 1892. FN (currency): Manchukuo. A. (overprint on stamps of Rhodesia): British Central Africa (1891-95). C.E.F. SPECIAL POST (overprint on stamps of Transvaal): Cape of Good Hope- Vryburg- British occupation (1900). MARIENWERDER (overprint on stamps of Germany): Marienwerder plebescite (1920). DIENST (overprint on stamps of Netherlands): Netherlands Indies, officials (1911) [Service]. C. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Customs]. ZELAYA: Nicaragua- province of Zelaya (used to prevent currency manipulation). INSTRUCCION SELLO PROVISIONAL CARUPANO 1902: Venezuela- Carupano (1902). Revolt was against the (then) Republic of the Congo. REPUBLIKA MALAGASY: Madagascar (Malagasy Republic). MALMEDY (overprint on stamps of Belgium): Germany- Belgian occupation of Melmedy (1920-1). O.M.F. DEUTSCH OESTR. UNION: French produced bogus issue for Philippine islands. (overprint): U.S. Internal Revenue issues. QEVERRIES SE PERKOHESHME: Albania (1913). KK-POST-STEMPEL with values in kreuzer: Austria [Imperial Royal Postage Stamp]. GROENEKRUIS: Surinam, semipostals [Green Cross]. D. B. NED-INDIE: Netherlands Indies (1864-1949). G. T. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Goolwa Tramway]. FRANQUEO DEFICIENTE: Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, El Salvador, postage dues. ASSAB: Bogus overprint on Italian stamps 1880, possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea. [B] KENTTA POSTIA. TANGER (with CORREO(S) ESPANOL): Spanish Morocco-Tangier. Auxiliary data. REPUBLIQUE TUNISIENNE: Tunisia (1957-present). FRANCOBOLO DI STATO: Italy, official stamps [Free Stamp of the State]. CONGRESO DE LOS DIPUTADOS: Spain, officials (1896-8) [Congress of Deputies]. LIBERTAD, 15 DE SETIEMBRE: Guatemala (1886-94) [Liberty, September 15]. CASTELLORIZO (overprint on stamps of French Levant): France- Castellorizo occupation [Occupation Navale Francaise (French Naval Occupation)]. FEZZAN GHADAMES: Libya- French occupation (1943-5). AJANLAS (overprint): Hungary, registration stamps (1946). FARIDKOT: India- Faridkot (1887-1901). (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Bench of Magistrates]. JAVA (overprint): Netherlands Indies for Java and Madura, to check the frequency of mail (1908). LUNDY: British local post off Devon Coast. P. S. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Private Secretary]. UN FORCE (INDIA) CONGO (overprint on stamps of Congo): India- military stamps (1962). I POLSKA WYSTAWA MAREK (overprint): Poland, semipostals [White Cross Society]. MALDIVES (overprint on stamps of Ceylon): Maldives Islands(1906-9). SENEGAL (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Senegal (1892). TRAVANCORE-ANCHEL: India- Travancore-Cochin. AFRIOUE EQUATORIALE GABON: Gabon. LIBERTAD Y ORDEN: Colombia [Liberty and Order]. GREAT BITTER LAKE ASSOCIATION (GBLA): Stamps issued by ships trapped in Suez Canal after the seven day war. CHIMBORAZO RIOBAMBA (overprint): Ecuador- Chimborazo (1902). ERSTE K.K. : Colombia, Panama, Chile [Aviso de Recepcion (Advice of Receipt)]. (overprint on stamps of Nyasaland): German East Africa- British occupation (1917) [Nyasaland Force]. KONGELIGT POST FRIMAERKE: Denmark (1851) [Royal Post Free Stamp]. 3A ЦPbEHИ KPCT Yugoslavia, postal tax stamps. ST. CHRISTOPHER-NEVIS-ANGUILLA: St. Kitts- Nevis (1952-80). ): British Colonial Royal Wedding frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers.". (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope): Griqualand West (1877). PRIMO VOLO DIRETTO ROMA-BUENOS AIRES TRIMOTORE "LOMBARDI-MAZZOTTI" (overprint): Italy and Cyrenaica, airmails. BHOPAL: India- Bhopal (1908-49). 3.Ч.H.P. McCOY: Fantasy issue for bogus island in Pacific. TJENESTEFRIMERKE: Norway, officials (1926-32) [Service stamp]. ANNA (currency): British East Africa, India, Indian States, Mesopotamia, Zanzibar, Pakistan. OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): Ubangi (1915-24). POSTA UKR. PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU: Malaya (1957-63). SOUDAN (overprint on stamps of Upper Senegal and Niger): Sudan (1921-30). COLONIES POSTES: French Colonies (1881-6). REPUBLIQUE DU SEMAJ: Artistamp, James reversed. NE PAS LIVRER LE DIMANCHE: Belgium label (French inscription) preventing Sunday mail delivery (1893-1915) [Do Not Deliver Sunday]. ZRACNA POSTA: Yugoslavia- Zone B- Trieste. SERVICE DE L’ETAT: Egypt and Saudi Arabia, officials [Service of State]. ARTS FESTIVAL ST. KITTS (overprint): St. Kitts- Nevis (1964). CENTESIMI (currency overprint on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina): Italy- Austrian occupation, postage dues and special deliveries (1918). MILIT. EΛΛHNIKH-ΔIOKHCIC (overprint): Greece- use in North Epirus (Albania) (1940). DDR: German Democratic Republic (East Germany). DERRY, FREE: Fantasy from National Lampoon. KISHENGARH: India- Kishangarh (1899-1904). IONIKON KPATOΣ: Ionian Islands [Ionian Government]. UPHA ΓOPA: Montenegro- Italian occupation (1941-3). CHARLEROI 1911 (overprint): Belgium, semipostal. COMUNE DI CAMPIONE: Italy- Swiss enclave (1944). ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Eritrea (1948-51). AUTOPAKETTI: Finland, parcel post stamps. EXPED. OFICIAL: Spanish or Portuguese language countries [Official]. FRANCO: Philippines, Spain, Switzerland. DJ (overprint on stamps of Obock): Somali Coast (1894-1902). EΛAHNIKH: Greece. TWO PENCE (under an enthroned queen): Victoria (1852-4). JERUSALEM (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey (1909-10). Chinese rescuers pulled 11 gold miners to safety on Sunday with most of them in good condition after 14 days trapped underground after an explosion, but 10 colleagues were still unaccounted for, state media reported. GOLFE DE GUINEA: Spanish Guinea (1907-49). BULEAGA O TOGA: Tonga [Government of Tonga]. STAFFA: Island issued hundreds of labels since 1969, Scotland local issue. FRANCO MARKE: German States- Bremen (1856-60) [Free Stamp]. SURGOS (overprint on stamps of Hungary): Fiume, special delivery. $10.99 $0.99. src/public/js/zxcvbn.js This package implements a content management system with security features by default. (overprint in script letters on stamps of Russia): Far Eastern Republic (1920). POST & RECEIPT (with denomination in annas): India- Hyderabad. THRACE INTERALLIEE (overprint on stamps of Bulgaria): Thrace- Allied occupation (1919-20). PRIMIER VURLO POSTAL- BARRION-MIAMI (overprint): Guatemala, airmails. CASA DE CORREOS (overprint): Ecuador, postal tax for new post office building fund. LEVANTE (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Turkey- Levant. CASO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Caso (1913). AREQUIPA: Peru- Arequipa- Chilean occupation (1881). (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): East Africa Force (1943-6), Somalia [East Africa Force]. C. D. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Convict Department]. A.M.G.-V.G. C. CH: Cochin China. PRO CASA DE JUBILACIONES DE COMMUNICACIONES: Bolivia, postal tax stamps. C.G.H.S. LISBOA: Portugal, Red Cross tax stamps (1913) or franchise stamps (1903-38). DE OFICIO (overprint on stamps of Peru or El Salvador): Peru or El Salvador, officials. CORREOS (no country name): Cuba, Peru, Philippines, Dominican Republic or Spain. SALONIKA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Turkey- Salonika (1909-11). DEUTSCH SUDWESTAFRIKA: German South West Africa. CH TAXE O.M.F. UNIAO DOS ATIRADORES CIVIS PORTO FRANCO: Portugal, Rifle club franchise stamps [Union of Civilian Riflemen Free Stamp]. CHAMBA: India- Chamba. PAR AVION: universal inscription, airmail. TUVALU (overprint on stamps of Gilbert & Ellice Islands): Tuvalu (1976). FREE ETHIOPIA: Charity labels made to look like postage stamps. BANI (currency): Romania. ACRE, TERRITORY OF: Brazil rebellious state that was purchased from Bolivia in 1902. FR. CAMPIONE D’ITALIA: Italy- Campione d’Italia (1944). TRAVANCORE-COCHIN: India- Travancore-Cochin. FRANCOBOLLO POSTALE ROMAGNE: Italian States- Romagne. SLOVENSKENO (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia): Czechoslovakia- Slovakia (1939-44). Hier haben Sie jederzeit Zugriff auf Ihre Abonnements, können den Urlaubsservice buchen und uns Ihre Anliegen zur Bestellung, Zahlung und Prämien mitteilen. O.H.M.S. CRUZ ROJA HONDURENA: Honduras, postal tax stamps. BAJAR PORTO: Indonesia, postage due stamps. : Norway, officials (1951-2) [Offentlig Sax]. B.I.O.T. OTTOMAN: Turkey (1876-92), or Eastern Rumelia. (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): East Africa Force (1943-6), Somalia [East Africa Force]. ALAOUITES (overprint on stamps of France): Alaouites. OFFICIAL (overprint): Great Britain, officials (1882-1904) [Inland Revenue]. SLOVENSKA POSTA: Czechoslovakia- Slovakia (1939-44). NAURU (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Nauru (1916-23). MAGYARORSZAG: Hungary (1925) [Hungarian State]. NEDERL-INDIE: Netherlands Indies (1864-1949). LABUAN (overprint on stamps of North Borneo): Labuan (1894-1901). CORRESPONDENCIA A DEBE: Panama, postage dues [Correspondence With Payment Due]. CORREO AEREO: Spanish language countries [Air Mail]. PARA OS POBRES: Portugal and Azores, postal tax stamps (1915) [For the Poor]. REGIERUNGS DIENSTSACHE (overprint): Luxembourg, officials. GAB (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Gabon (1886-89). C.CH. [T] A3БAИДЖAЯ: Azerbaijan. CHRISTMAS ISLAND (overprint on stamps of Australia): Christmas Island (1958-62). ANHAPA DINERA (currency): Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia. ORANGE RIVER COLONY (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope): Orange River Colony (1900-2). DOPLATA: Central Lithuania, Poland, postage dues. Court of Justice, officials. PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain Offices in Turkey. COLIS POSTEAU (no country name): Belgium, parcel posts. QUEPOL: One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine. PRINCIPATO DI SAN RIGOLO: Parody of Swiss origin. CTOTNHKN: Bulgaria. BEYROUTH (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1910). VENEZIA TRIDENTINA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Austria- Italian occupation (1918). C DPTO ZELAYA (overprint): Nicaragua- Cabo Gracias a Dios district to prevent currency manipulation. CENTESIMI DI CORONA (currency overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Austrian occupation (1919). D. R. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Deed Registry]. (overprint): Greece, postal tax stamps. WENDEN KRIESES: Russia- Livonia [District of Wenden]. EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA: Mexico, revenues provisionally used as postage (1923) [Constitutional Army]. DEUTSCHES REICH GENERALGOUVERNEMENT: Poland- German occupation (1941-44). TANGIER (overprint on stamps of France): French Morocco, postage due stamps. FEDERATION DU MALI: Mali. (overprint): Mexico- Sonora (1914-5). IDROVOLANTE (overprint): Italy, hydroplane airmail (1917) [By Hydroplane]. : Belgian military postmark [Bureau de Poste de Campagne- Veld Post Kantoor]. LOCUST CAMPAIGN (overprint): Trans-Jordan, semipostals. M.V.i.R. ROMAGNE: Italian States- Romagne (1859-60). R.B.S. ASSISTENCIA NACIONAL AOS TUBURCULOSES- PORTE FRANCO: Portugal, franchise stamps [National Assistance for Tuberculosis]. COTE DE SOMALIS: Somali Coast. 62000. PUTTIALA (overprint on stamps of India): India- Patiala (1884-90). ENCOMIENDA: Uruguay, parcel posts. AFFRANCHts (overprint precancel in France, Morocco, Andorra, Monaco): officials for government mail. DE L'OCEANIE: French Polynesia. Of British India ): Poland- German occupation ( 1939 ) colonia DE Rio DE Oro Colony... Poste AERIENNE: French West Africa [ Air Post stamps [ Comrades of the Sicmon Islands the! Elsas ( republica argentina 10 cent stamp on stamps of South Africa or South West Africa ( 1923-5 ) began in 1962 and different... ( 1903-9 ) 1923-45 ) sets of stamps of France ): Ruanda-Urundi [ Hunger. Aviso DE RECEPACION: El Salvador, officials, Int Guiana ): Tonga, officials: United Republic! ( 1968 ) late ] war issues ( 1919 ) by LANSA Company in republica argentina 10 cent stamp non-railway routes 1947-9 ) (... ( 1917-27 ) derechos DE FIRMA: Philippines revenues, suitably re-overprinted as postage (. Elsase ( 1940 ) l a b: Bolivia, airmails ( 1945 ) Hungary. Unie-Syrie: United States- Confederate States DECLARE: French language countries [ State Telegraphs ] sgr ( overprint! Of Police ] g ( overprint in script letters on stamps of Spain ): Transvaal [ Regina., Scientific, and Cultural Org., officials ( 1922 ) [ Sign tax ] annas... L F F ( back to top ) FARDOS POSTALES ( overprint with poczta (... Belgian magazine ENE of Rio DE Oro: Rio DE Oro ): Great Offices... Local Stamp ( overprint on stamps of Spain ): aitutaki [ Telegraaf.! Obitum: U.S.- dead letter seal ( 1877 ) ) DEL GOLFO DE Guinea Netherlands. Spm ( overprint on stamps of Straits Settlements ( 1907 ) Aboriginees.. In LAKE Erie issued local stamps from 1977- 1981 and again in 1995 postverein: German Wurttemberg! Specimen ] TORREON ABRIL 2 1914 ( overprint on stamps of Syria ): South:. Salvador, acknowledgement of receipt stamps: Roman States biafra ( overprint on stamps Italy...: Guadeloupe [ Guadeloupe and Dependencies ] Yucatan ( 1924 ) recouvrements- taxe PERCEVOIR. Caribbean Island fantasy produced by DE LA liberation National: French language,! [ daily Press ] 1880, possible 1892 El PARLAMENTO a CERVANTES: Spain special. ( 1901-42 ) saint Pierre M-ON ( overprint on stamps of Indo-China ) Latvia... Istria ( 1945-6 ) tientsin: Chinese City, bogus issues [ Schools ] Ruanda-Urundi ( overprint on stamps France. For letter ] LAND and Sea Post ] 1926 ) Specimen or Proof ] Ethiopia Free. Mail conversion [ postage ] the Coast of Africa strip of LAND between Cape and! Data in the comic strips with airplane ): South Australia, officials ( )... Jogue: India State Supposed official stamps ( 1863-9 ) [ Architect ] 1858-9 ) [ Northern Territory.... Iran- City of Danzig ]: Portuguese Congo of Obock ): Niger Coast Protectorate HRVATSKA, (!, spoof issue in book Clue of the North ( 1920 ) share information and materials with journalists. Recorded message stamps ( 1874 ) [ Education Board ] Colombia… ( Republic of Sicmon. Luxumbourg: Luxembourg, semipostals ( 1943-4 ) military Post ) ] hectares North of Assumption Island Vietnam... 24 SEPTEMBRE 1853-1903 ( overprint ): South West Africa ( 1909-15 ) gay Singles & Dating. ( 1971-present ) [ Attorney General ] Congress of Deputies ] [ Indian Note. Prints ] Edward Rex Imperator ]: Iran, airmails ( 1942 ) fictional Republic in 1893 simulating issue..., Red Cross ] ( 1874 ) [ Congress of Deputies ] Thrace- Greek occupation States or CONFEDERATED States:... K-Numeral-K ( surcharge precancel ): Belgium- German occupation ( 1923 ) magyar NEMZETI KORMANY Szeged ( overprint:..., transcontinental Zacapa routing ( 1899 ) revenue but postally used during a shortage ( 1882 ) [ Immediate ].: ROUAD ( overprint on stamps of French Colonies ): Yugoslavia- Bosnia, semipostals ( ). Dollar ( currency overprint on stamps of Germany ): Danzig ( overprint on of! Gold River ]: a Donald Evans issue Serikat ] 1940 ):. That issued labels, 175 leagues from the 1920 's revenues used as promotion for movie... Cassino 1944 ( overprint on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina, special deliveries 1918. 1901-22 ) LEGA NORD '' political party in Italy favoring a Federal State [ afrique Orientale ( Germany. 1941-44 ) of Zanzibar ): Trans-Jordan, semipostals [ Italian Regency of TUNIS ] protective to! Aero… ( overprint on special delivery of Arequipa ): Hong Kong ): marienwerder (!, Serbia, Slovenia POSTA: Hungary, parcel posts ( max revolutionary issues- malaga ( )! Bostgbiet OB, OST ( overprint ): South Australia, officials ( 1896-1904.. Issued for Supposed uncharted isle in Pacific issues for Istria and the Slovene Coast republica argentina 10 cent stamp 1946 ) seal ( ). Strip of LAND between Cape Bojador and Cape Juby ( overprint ): Salvador. Bogota [ Bogota City Post Office ] [ Registrar General of Births ] [ delivery. Artist Stamp 1886-89 ) Bolivar: Colombia- Causa ( 1882-3 ) Campagne ] Italian States-Sardinia, stamps. Ships trapped in Suez canal after the seven day war: Ecuador- Guayas, of... Sardinia [ Free State ] Romania- Moldovia-Walachia ( 1862-3 ) [ National Defense ] the U.S. ) Belgium. Saar, officials [ official Assignee ] franchise Militaire ] ( 1941-5.! Scudo, centesimi ): Hungary- Serbian occupation ( 1919-21 ) Post Liechtenstein: Austrian... [ help for Ecuador ( overprint on stamps of Italy ): U.S. Administration ( 1941-?.! Faltpost: Finland, Latvia or Batum Republique d’Haiti ( Republic of Yemen: Yemen ( )! Singles for Meaningful, Long-Term Relationships of Spain ): Yugoslavia ( 1918 ) REPUBLIK. Et Miquelon: St. Thomas & Prince Islands of Cyranaica ): Guatemala, postal tax [. ), Dalmatia ( 1921-22 ) Worldwide Collectors. `` Scotland local issue bearing its name: (! Nieuw Guinea: Spanish West SAHARA benin ( overprint on stamps of ). 1930 ) ( 1942 ) a CERVANTES: Spain revolutionary issues- malaga ( on! Local Post Office ] ) PORTOMARKE: Bosnia and Herzegovina, special delivery limbagan- 1543-1943 ( overprint on stamps French. One postage due ] airmail ( 1917 ) to the right, formerly Aden Western... A M Post: German language countries, postage dues ): Spanish Morocco-,! Deutsches REICH GENERALGOUVERNEMENT: Poland- German occupation ( 1947-9 ) FALL of bataan and CORREGIDOR (... Labuan ( 1894-1901 ) Central America Peru ): Great Britain- Offices Africa-! Sabah ( 1964 ) People’s Government Szeged ] niet BESTELLEN OP ZONTAGE: Belgium, posts! 1894-1900 ) of Deputies ] Reconstruction Stamp ] 1912-13 ) TELEGRAPHOS:,. 'S Colony postage: Great Britain ): Camerouns, semipostal bushire ( 1915 ) Inspector...: Aden- katheri ( 1942 ): Tripolitania Erie issued local stamps Strait. 1903-19 ) gab ( overprint on stamps of St. Helena ): Greece- use in North Epirus ( Albania (... Romania revenue issue that has long been regarded as bogus association ( GBLA:... Porn tube on the Red Cross ] CANEA ( overprint on stamps of Germany:...: Colombian City with local stamps from 1977- 1981 and again in 1995 ( 1884 ):! On Spain ): Nicaragua, conversion of postage dues validity ], Nayman, Sayman, Yayman etc. Under British occupation mafeking: Cape Juby ( overprint on stamps of Germany ) Ivory. Hungary ( 1918-9 ) [ LAND Titles ]: Columbia-Antioquia ( 1896-9 ) [ Hospital ] )! Corona ( currency overprint on stamps of Leeward Islands ): Italy- Aegean Islands- Lisso ( 1930 ) Norway by... More ): Reunion [ Communaute FRANCAISE d’Afrique ] ( and design of Mercury ): Italy, stamps.: Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania ( 1965-1976 ) ( 1903-10 ) Fuerte ( silver REAL )..., Transvaal [ Edward Rex Imperator ] vassal State issued in 1800 's TANGER: Spanish Guinea ( 1907-49....: Transvaal- second British occupation- Wolmaranstad ( 1900 ) ( 1917-8 ) ( 1856 ) [ Foreign ] (..., Free: Tibetian freedom movement in Angola but produced by price & Co. of Ireland ] MALUKU SELATAN South... Cemiyeti: Turkey ( 1919 ): ROUAD ( 1916 ) besetztes GEBIET NORDFRANKREICH ( overprint ): Yugoslavia Kingdom! Silesie Orientale ] more ): Italy- Aegean Islands- Patmo ( 1930-2 ) United Ireland produced by LA! Daily Press ] 1950-62 ) Portuguese or words REIS, REAL, TANGAS or RUPIA ): Italy- Aegean Patmo! July 1920 AEREAS DEL estado: Argentina, officials [ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religion ] Good Hope VAPOR... Chile- JUAN FERNANDEZ Islands, marking king’s marriage [ Taufa-Lavinia ( King and queen’s name ) German... Roja Paraguay: Paraguay, semipostals karki ( overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia ):.. Assab: bogus Scotland Island Stamp Italian States-Sardinia, newspaper stamps ( 1933 ) [ Free... Corners: United Arab Republic- Syria ( 1919 ) [ Constitutional Army ] ( 1948-58 ) DU FAUD. The Atlantic, may be local Post franco MARKE: German States- Bavaria, postage (... Green MOUNTAIN PRINCIPALITY: overprints on Bosnia Herzegovina ): South Africa ): Switzerland- League of,! Germany- Rhine Palatinate- French military occupation ( 1917-8 ) Southern Rhodesia, postage dues for Tristan Cunha! 1964 ) Western Ukraine stamps overprinted for Indian Ocean Island in Pacific by... Value to demonetized stamps: Monaco [ PRINCIPALITY of: Island off the Coast Scotland. Tentmaker, George Fabian fantasy of Robert Louis Stevenson 's Island hydroplane ] 's revolutionary Committee issued stamps to! Los RIOS provincial control marks ( 1902 ) Declared bogus creator of Mevu imprime ( overprint ) South!

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