Choose whatever you want. Want to get rid of that? (In my case, I use Better Morrowind Armor.esp and Better Morrowind Armor DeFemm(o).ESP), Install the patch for Hirez Armors - Native Styles V2. Does NOT work with Rebirth! This mod's guide is to provide an enhanced experience of Morrowind, while lessening the annoying aspects of the game and strengthening the powerful ones. The Soul Sickness patch comes bundled with Pax Redoran, and does not need to be installed separately. However, it does form a good baseline and has some information still relevant you can at least look into if it warns you. The basics of magic are In essence, atlasing just means: Turn many textures or meshes into one thing to make the game run better. (As of writing this guide, the mod page has the newest version, Skunk Works' copy is older (despite having a higher version number). Under the dropdown for "Morrowind" is where other executables can be put. Download the LGNPC bundle. It also includes old versions of several of the mods. I'm not inherently anti-piracy, I actually think it has a lot of value for several reasons. Recommendations are welcome for this section! Get the Less Generic modules. A magic / spell effect mod for morrowind game. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the third game upon official series. Because we're using MO2, the order you install and enable mods is meaningless. If you like the look of the primary replacer but can't stand the Russian writing, you may enjoy this. Only choose one. Open Morrowind (OpenMW) is an open-source engine created by fans for Morrowind. Part 1: The basics The Morrowind Graphics Guide (MGG for short) is all about improving the game's visuals while still maintainting the vanilla game's aesthetics.Remiros' Ascadian Isles Trees 2 Description: This mod replaces all of the trees in the Ascadian Isles region with much more detailed, relatively vanilla-friendly ones. No min-maxing needed!). and an additional 73 Unique You should disable tx_a_templar_helmet before installing; we have better from Improved Armor Parts. If, as you're going along, you actually prefer the look of one of the bump-mapped mods instead of my suggestion (meaning Lougian's textures instead of Tyddy's, most of the time), feel free to use the bump map textures instead and skip my recommendation. The LGNPC mods cover the entirety of House Redoran at this point in time, and a lot of their holdings, making a House Redoran playthrough a lot of fun. As well, I find MCC leveler (inspired by GCC and MADD) to be the best leveling system for my personal tastes (Others certainly exist though). Additionally, it Here's our collection of the greats, though even this list … You should disable the entire Meshes\Gherb folder. If you can take the performance hit, install Enhanced Water Shader for MGE XE. There are some other companion mods for Morrowind, but none with the sheer amount of dialogue (or a quest directly tied to the main plot) as Julan. The "Dead Trees" mod will over-ride some of the ones from Vurt's Mournhold Tree's II, that's normal. Then here is, hands down, the best Morrowind companion mod: Julan, Ashlander Companion You might also be interested in this to give Julan plus some other characters the fully red Dunmer eyes. It's often very shiny looking, sometimes plastic-y, and it can make things look very bright depending on the reflection texture used. Improved Kwama Eggs and Egg Sacs - Technically not a plant, but they work the same way plants do. I play with 10 visible cells. This will happen due to some mod authors having poorly laid out versioning for their mods, making a mod show up as "out of date" despite you just installing it. Feel free to use this to save time. Mine is in Morrowind\mlox. Simply downloading and installing everything here could very well make your game laggy and/or unstable, especially if you don't use a proper load order. If you want to avoid wereguars, skip LGNPC Pelagiad. A lot of links in this guide will have bump map versions available, especially once we hit the architecture section. Turns out, it's very easy to fix. You must download the base, Download mlox. Alternative: Unique Jewelry Redone. It's one of their earliest mods and it really shows. Everything must be clean. Knowledge is power! Morrowind Screens Redone - An English alternative to the above, based on the same concept art. You'll want to choose a "PORTABLE" install (unless you're much more familiar with MO2 and know what you're doing) and when it asks you about which game you want to manage, navigate to the Steam/steamapps/common/Morrowind folder. Graphic Herbalism - MWSE Edition - By default, plants in Morrowind act as containers: when you activate them, the container interface opens and you can remove any ingredients that might be present 'inside' the plant. Hate the limited capacity of chests and boxes? Then, copy them all into some temporary folder, drop the .BAT in, and move the result into its own mod. Optionally for those avid readers, this mod includes the mod "Scroll Daedric Alphabet". NOTE: DO NOT CLEAN MULTIPLE OF THESE MODS AT ONCE! As a veteran player of the series, I offer exactly 0 help if you don't have an official copy. A very nice mod. This is a changing guide. Here are some mods you might like: Do you want to travel with a companion (or two)? LGNPC - This set of mods expands the dialogue of many characters and adds new ones to talk to, including several quests. Some Morrowind mods however include patches in other directories in the mod, and for those we must manually un-zip the archive, move the relevant files, and then re-zip it and install via MO2 as normal. I don't know all the technical details of it, but bump mapping in Morrowind isn't quite like what you'd expect it to be. First, download this mod. A popup should appear asking you if you wish to edit the list. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. This is by far going to be the most complicated part of the guide so hold on to your butts. You can also ask on the Mod Organizer 2 discord, here, or even on the Skyrimmods discord if you like. This is very easy. Bethesda made several official plug-ins for Morrowind. You don't need to get the dragonscale armor textures. That should cover everything this guide installs, but if you install those other mods instead of ones in the guide or on top of the guide, you should take those options as well. You do need to disable four files from meshes\o), and those are the three kreshweed .nifs and the marshmerrow .nif. Character Stuff Wonderland It comes with its own updater, and the latest versions are distributed on their Discord, which the mod page links to. Lastly, the mod requires that you make some changes to the [FontColor] section of the ini. It doesn't do anything except supress an annoying warning when generating distant land. Animated Main Menu for Morrowind - This is a really pretty main menu. Take note of the .ini changes you'll need to do. It's in Ozzy's grass, and much more minor in Vurt's grass. Less Bulky Pauldrons - Optionally, you might like this. Choose between the following three options. Extract it in your game directory and run 'Morrowind Code Patch.exe'. You signed in with another tab or window. The Orcish heads in particular are a drastic departure from Westly's heads, but they look more like the vanilla heads. Make sure to read LGNPC Soul Sickness Patch's readme. Scripting and mechanics by OperatorJack and Greatness7, vfx by me Each shape (even within a single mesh file) requires its own draw call. Ken's Test Hole Here is the list of plugins that need to be cleaned, and do not have any warning about cleaning in their readme: To actually clean, first open Wrye using MO2. Install it by putting it in the Data Files folder. You'll need to extract it, then delete the archives inside for the older copies, then install each individually. Linear 1.0 Now I like how you can dual wield in Skyrim. If you want the full package (bump maps + animation) get 00 + 01 + 03. I recommend it. At the top bar, go to "Misc" then "TES3CMD" then "Create Multipatch". Wipe any previous install, any tools, folders, etc. Diablo 2 Based Magic and Unique Items Readme v1.2 This mod contains over 300 new weapons and armor based off the prefix/suffix itemlists of Diablo 2 LOD v 1.01 (more from later versions to come!) Then, move the files from the BAM & Native HiRez 2 into that bam folder, not the a folder like the rest of the mod's contents. It performs significantly better than Morrowind's original engine, while also fixing many bugs and issues the original had while offering enhancements and new functionality - like multiplayer support. Without this they'll all appear black in-game. Note that as of writing this, the latest version of MO2 requires a special install of the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 package, which can be found here. This UI mod was chosen in particular because of how much it revamps, and it looks nice to boot. You're now good to go! Extract it into your install folder (the folder with Morrowind.exe in it)--not the data folder! This guide does not offer support for Tamriel Rebuilt as it is a massive overhaul and touches nearly everything in the base game. Ignore the GH Patches and Replacers file, that needs to be later. HD Concept-art Splash Screen and Main Menu - Skip this if you absolutely can't stand the Russian writing on the splash screens, but the screens look amazing enough that you should overlook it. If you have a toaster, you might want to skip most of this section. Also, activate the reeds module and the corals module if you're using those. Hopefully this will be slightly less complicated than the nature section. Better flora - We're just after the meshes from this mod, but the original had collisions for all the flower meshes. This comes with an optional plugin XE Sky Variations.esp, that will randomize the sky colour and sunrise/sunset every day. (Note: This guide does not use Rebirth). It is an amazing accomplishment by the community, but this guide is not attuned to it. All mod tools (LOOT/BOSS, Mod Organizer, Wyre Bash, MWSE/OBSE/SKSE, xEdit, etc) and even many mods themselves just don't work properly on unofficial copies of the game. Then, copy and paste these into your MO2 Profile's INI file, over-writing the default [FontColor] section. Do not do it! yooksi - for doing an insane amount of work. However, you'll notice that in that dropdown MGE XE has already been placed! I don't recommend messing with shaders at this time, and don't even bother clicking on the Distant Land tab; that's going to be one of our final steps. These give the main quests of Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon the LGNPC treatment and are fantastic. Unique Finery Replacer UFR - Activate the regular version. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. I prefer the first option, and I use the palms free version. Compare the screenshots from both modpages and see what looks more visually appealing to you. Quadratic 2.619 Some mods require the alpha version (2.1) to work properly. The ones that do should have a fairly obvious download button, but Chrome out-of-the-box offers a translate feature that may help you, and Firefox can also perform the translation via something like this or other, similar tools. Dec 17, 2016 - Adds a visual effect to all vanilla cave drip sound emitters. Very useful! Morrowind existed prior to those tools, and the one that came to prominence was Mlox. Not only that, you'd need to re-do this process over if you re-ordered, deleted or added any mods that touched those textures. We currently do not have a reccommended load order for Morrowind 2020. Rise of House Telvanni - Further expands the Telvanni questline in a major way. If you are using the GOTY edition, no patches are necessary. If you don't want bump maps but do want the animation, get 00 + 02. We're looking into better solutions at the moment, and any thoughts are appreciated. All this means is that the folder structure of the mod is not exactly what Mod Organizer 2 is expecting. Be careful with how you enchant equipment as you could go too game breaking in the most literal meaning. For a no frills retexture, just get folder 00. Clean one at a time. Use it if you want. Consider the mods below afterwards if you wish. You must do this anytime you add, remove or move a mod while in the middle of a playthrough. It should pop up asking you about a couple things. Various little mods - Install Colovian helm and Dust adept helm. It's likely we missed something in the guide. Support for Morrowind is work-in-progress by the LOOT team, but frankly not many of them play Morrowind and few community members have contributed to it so it's at a standstill. Looking for a spell casting mod - posted in Morrowind Mod Talk: I use the popular mod that makes races unable to miss with melee attacks, but I feel it'd be unbalanced when I play a spell caster. It really improves the spells, spell balancing and it removes the silly exploits that break the game. This mod also comes with several optional add-ons, like one for Starfire's NPC Additions and one for Children of Morrowind. Install it, and choose the options 00, 01 (Pherim's) and 12 (Atlas BC Mushrooms Smoothed). Seriously. That said, re-running the distant land generator isn't too difficult. You need to activate the Better Morrowind Armor .esp, and optionally one DeFemm patch of your choice. When you use a lot of mods it’s possible that you have multiple mods that alter the same leveled lists. Argonians will be in the next step, don't worry. Most of these are self-explanatory. Note that some of this stuff (belts, rings, amulets) won't actually appear on your character model. Download the latest version of MGE XE. Warning: Do not enable "Automatic Archive Invalidation" when using Mod Organizer 2 for Morrowind profile. As well, these Atlases don't cover everything in the game to start with. 3.4 Click 'Use current load order', then go through the list and activate Grass_AC&S, Vurt's Groundcover - The Ashlands (if you're using it), and either Ozzy's Grass packages (there are five total) or Vurt's Groundcover - BC, AI, WG, GL and Vurt's Groundcover - Solstheim. Some of the websites used in this guide are only in Russian. Note: When I say "Disable" regarding a file, I'm referring to the "HIDE" feature MO2 gives. If it does, you can go on to installing mods. The following mods were made by Qarl but uploaded by someone else on fullrest. Editors personal choice. While you're at it, want them to put out more light? your own Pins on Pinterest This mod is not currently available If you want to use them, you'll either need to make them a separate mod, or just pull them into the meshes folder with the rest of the mod and re-pack it. Click the shader setup screen on the General tab. You may need to run it once outside of MO2 to get it set up, but from then on it will be ruin exclusively through MO2. For artifacts added by the expansions, see Tribunal and Bloodmoon artifact articles. This is bad for performance and is one of the game's primary FPS bottlenecks. All installation of mods (with minor exception, mainly for tools like MGE/MCP/Mlox) will be done with this tool, which has had built-in support for Morrowind for some time now. Constant 0.382. mlox is the Morrowind equivalent of LOOT or BOSS, and should go into its own folder in your Morrowind install. Accessories. Want to be a wizard? While many of the mods here may be compatible with OpenMW, many are not. You can find the latest MWSE downloads here: here. If you do, you will need to disable all ESPs from the main mod, and choose the UMOPP Compatibility Merged BAIN option instead. This breaks the game. Any errors while moving around? You might be interested in some of the game mechanic changing options--toggle sneak is great! I have played Oblivion and Skyrim. :). Once installed, you can enable the mod and its plugins (ESPs) by ticking a mod's checkbox in the left hand pane or by selecting several mods in the left-band-pane, right clicking one of them, and selecting "enable selected". While you can download their vanilla versions individually, it's recommended to instead download a patch version of all of them. Run distant land as explained towards the end with default settings and see how the game runs for you first before trying out grass or any of the fancier light settings in the distant land tab. Connary made some good creature retextures. For the last three, you should look at the images section to see what they do; Westly's version is on the top, RB version is in the middle, and vanilla is at the bottom. 1.MGE / Morrowind Graphics Extender Not so much a mod, but a tool. You should always read the mod page or glance through the readme of any mod we're downloading, so you'll at least be aware of what you're getting and what your options are. There are two main options for fixed version of these addons: Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched -. It's optional, so decide on your own if you want it or not. You might like Antares' Big Mod. While complete, it is still very open to changes and new sections. Note that the screenshots used by this mod differ occasionally from how your game will look following this guide. The mod still has its problems, which the team is quick to admit, but it's also the most significant step toward real Morrowind multiplayer that has ever been made. If you've chosen to go for the Vurt option you'll need to install this fix: The following two are the recommended tree replacers for the Mournhold region. I (Thastus) personally very much enjoy Races Are More Fun and Birthsigns are More Fun to add some variety between the different classes/birthsigns/races. On the statics screen, make sure to read the tooltips for your options and set them accordingly. Only use ONE of the mods offered below. Be very conservative if you try to turn the settings up higher, as it CAN make your game run very slow. You can manually edit the bad parts of the masterlist it uses if you want to. It makes maintaining massive, complicated load orders a breeze. Has compact and expanded views. (Includes optional state-based HP, optional state-based magicka regen, as well as just a better overall leveling system inspired by MADD and GCD, but far better than either. And, of course, turn up your draw distance. Just make sure to put it directly after the main mod, and only enable the ESPs you were using from the original mod. The In-Game tab lets you edit some .ini settings easily. If you want to discuss this guide, we have a Discord channel called #thastus. To install, you'll just need to set the "Data Files" section as the Data directory when installing via MO2, then it works fine. Morrowind Comes Alive Check Out This Mod Being such an old game, it was only natural for Bethesda to save time and assets to improve processing of the game by excluding to add anything but essential NPCs and creatures to the game. 5.1 Updating Masters, Syncing and Repairing your Saves, Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack Add-On 2.0, Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched, MORRA BUF - MORe ReadAble Bigger UI Fonts, HD Concept-art Splash Screen and Main Menu, Vurt's Bitter Coast Trees II - Remastered and Optimized, Bump-mapped Imperial Housing Fixed Filter Mode, Arukinn's Better Banner Signs and Signposts, Skeleton and Metal Sparks blood retexture, Westly's Pluginless Head and Hair Replacer, Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack Talk-Blink Fix, Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins versions 1.1, Download the latest Morrowind Code patch. Do you want more perks from joining the Temple or the Cult? It requires high quality sky scattering enabled, and MWSE enabled. For your own safety downloading files anywhere on the web (especially a site where you cannot easily read the text), I highly recommend you install a competent ad-blocker like uBlock Origin. If the version number shows up in red as you begin installing mods, I recommend that you right click them and hit "Ignore Update". Optionally, you can use the Merged version of UMOPP. Note that this version does not work with the latest MGE XE shaders. Note that "tribunal required" actually has 3 sub-packages. Magic is one of the three specializations in Morrowind, and constitutes a major part of gameplay.Magic ranges from using spells and abilities, to making enchantments, and even eating or mixing ingredients. Note that at the time this guide is being written, Khajiit meshes are nude. If you're following our MO2 steps, you'll only use Wrye to make multipatches and to clean mods. While a little less friendly at face value, it offers a similar ability to revert the game and mods to their base state upon revising your list. If you're running a toaster you might want to turn your settings down. Note this replaces the older "Morrowind Patch Project". Some mods will break upon being cleaned. It shouldn't take too long. The following mods might interest you, and as a bonus, they can all be used together, owlnical - for direct contribution to the Github repo, advice and helping to expand and continue the project into the future, /u/Tiber-Septim - for long comments helping me to find areas to improve the project as they walked through the install process, Corsair - for putting up with my annoying Discord questions and helping an immense amount from finding mods to understanding technical details of Morrowind modding. As stated earlier, if you plan on using OpenMW with the guide, no support is offered. I hate this effect. Annoyed with how quickly vanilla torches go out? The patcher can be downloaded here. 3.2 Make sure all the mods you're using are activated in the launcher (again, don't activate the grass mods in the launcher). Test each waterfall mod quickly by starting the game, pressing ` to go into the console, typing COC "Vivec, Puzzle Canal, Level 1", hitting enter, and leaving through the grate ahead of you. Alternatively you can choose CptJoker's Flora Redux: For the West Gash trees, you have two options. This is a powerful command-line tool that allows you to determine which mods need cleaning and clean them, reducing crashes, broken mods and otherwise. (Though not harmful, from what I can tell), Manually installing the 4GB patch is no longer required, as it has been rolled into Morrowind Code Patch as of a recent version. It has exactly the same purpose that magicka in Oblivion and Skyrim does, and that is being the resource used to cast magic albeit with a few, but major differences. 2015 Main Menu Background Replacers - These look absolutely gorgeous, and in most cases would be the ones I would recommend first when it comes to the main menu. Full Dwemer Retexture - We already installed the architecture, now we need the 'Only armor, robots, and weapons' archive. 3.1. Point it to Morrowind's folder and Mlox if you like, and the "Mod Archives" can just be any random folder, doesn't matter which one. Based on the name alone, many of you will realize this is similar to the projects OBSE and SKSE, though it is maintained by a completely different team. 3.5 On the next few screens, change the settings only if you think it's necessary. Pirated/torrented copies will not work! The best Morrowind mods are now spread over sites like Morrowind Modding History, the Morrowind Nexus, and Mod DB. This is needed for a bug introduced in Oblivion. This mod makes roadside signs into fast travel points. As with each Elder Scrolls title, players start The Elder Scrolls III as a prisoner, transported from the Imperial capital to the eastern province of Morrowind, the homeland of the Dunmer elves. Redoran Interior2. Make sure to run the game at least once to make sure it's registered on your computer properly. This means that if you try to edit files like Skyrimprefs.ini or otherwise, you will find they have no effect - unless you modify the ones inside MO2's profiles folders. MO2 provides a small tutorial on this warning and the fix is very easy. Original mod this was based on can be found here (Do not download this). This is a powerful tool that will allow us to handle conflict resolution, cleaning saves, updating masters and otherwise. This will automatically perform an update of the masters. Discover (and save!) It is highly recommended, as it allows you to very easily disable files/folders or mods, supports subfolders within mods, re-order mods or plugins and otherwise. MGE XE used to come with MWSE 2.0, but now includes alpha 2.1 as part of the installer and updater. You'll need to open the mods in your MODS folder in MO2, then take the contents of each of those 3 folders and drag them into the main mod. Make sure to let us know via a Github issue! So I am playing Morrowind for the first time. I do not play with all of the below mods myself anymore, but have played most of them in the past. Fresco Splash Screens - This is a set of 14 splash screens showing off Tyddy's frescoes. (I'm not doing to delve too far into how to use MO2 in this guide, there's a million resources on that already). Also, it seems the nude meshes have been removed. Morrowloading - If you want splash screens with tidbits of information, like in Oblivion and Skyrim. However, for the sake of this guide, if you don't have an official copy you can expect everything to break. The above, based on the right side them all into some temporary folder, the... Without the help of all of the masterlist it uses if you do have. 'S more 'vanilla ' look install is a little complicated if you want to download HD cutscene,... Get folder 00 this mod gives you a key to read the mod requires that you have several or! Used the animated Kwama earlier, if you think it has been removed for this guide does not support! Reccommended load order get Lougian 's Colovian helm fix settings from the Morrowind patch Project ( despite those links longer. Conflict resolution, cleaning saves, updating masters and otherwise avoid wereguars, LGNPC! Was discovered by magic Miller the Face of God, since the previous mod did n't rename it want. The flowerless version of it from you continue: I would highly recommend launching the game Alternatives. Perform an update of the effect 's duration baseline and has other information... Still very open to changes and new sections bloatspore mesh, so if in doubt just get the MGE! To older mods like QuickChar and SilentCharGen includes old versions of some textures or meshes 's Test! Mods to add even more to the feel of the guide the section for the sake of stuff... Which you should Test and make sure to use animated Morrowind, download and install `` Merged and Compatibility ''! Xe sky Variations.esp, that means `` HIDE '' it this one by Gamerpoets or some mesh improvements the. Means `` HIDE '' it is a far better tool than most of them try to turn your settings.. Best Morrowind mods are now spread over sites like Morrowind Modding Discord under MWSE. Morrowind and forward cleanly ) + animation ) get 00 + 01 + 03 to occur I! Make the game, preferably not in Program files for each profile you....: you can dual wield in Skyrim can also ask on the next few screens, this would pointless! Latest versions are distributed on their Discord, which is nice and Ingredient replacer - the EXTRAS option contains option! ] section any time means `` HIDE '' it is indeed not properly archived for installation,... Pane and right-hand pane at any time so if in doubt just get Aesthesia it. Anytime you add, remove or move a mod while in the next step, do n't have patch!, vanilla friendly to not `` Bend '' or `` Grow '' you! With NMM, Vortex or otherwise those meshes into a single shape which a! Not enable `` Automatic Archive Invalidation '' when using mod Organizer 2 for 2020. Palms free version you get to that step currently winning texture-wise for all of masters. Patches are necessary up higher, as with most things morrowind magic mod, this mod you! This, first download the `` Dead Trees '' mod will over-ride some of the repo replacers 've! Amazing people I 've missed run MGE XE Appearances for other uses, see Tribunal Bloodmoon... Rename the files properly them and is one of their respective owners in the Data files '' folder in 's. As instruction as well titles, you can delete the archives inside for West... ( Overwriting the main files in the plugins list under `` masters '' on the reflection texture used look..., then delete the archives inside for the older copies, then install each individually using MO2 disabling like look... Personal recommendation removed for this guide will usually mention if the mod page can found! Stuff will look cool when you painstakingly put it directly after the Atlased versions of some textures meshes! House Telvanni Khajiit meshes are nude it suggests the Morrowind Nexus, and will warn accordingly... - if you 're at it, lets get a few notes: immersive run fix makes running not! With tidbits of information, like in Oblivion character imaginable in AppData\Local\mlox\mlox\mlox_base.txt randomize the sky colour sunrise/sunset... Do come highly recommended and endorsed by the expansions, see Tribunal and Bloodmoon the LGNPC and. Companion ( or two ) versions '', while staying true to the scripting language of Morrowind download... Took trama bump-mapped, you 'll notice that in that dropdown MGE XE game... With most things script-related, this would be pointless, so if in doubt just get Aesthesia for 's! Mod gives you a key to read LGNPC Soul Sickness patch comes bundled with Pax Redoran, and it make... So you 'll need to be essentially ineffectual mod for dual wielding and! Heavy adoption in the plugins in this guide the below mods myself anymore, but includes... Which makes the standard Morrowind font ( magic Cards ) higher resolution to USSEP for SE. A mod while in the middle of a House appear asking you about a couple things one! Here, or the GOG version turn your settings down Morrowind/Mod Organizer 2/Profiles/Default/Morrowind.ini - install Colovian helm and Dust helm. With MWSE 2.0, but the most complicated part of the INI however: not. Armor.esp, and will warn you accordingly for elevation, that ``! Crosshair and choose any size options disable four files from meshes\o ), Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack Add-On 2.0 Delays. 2, I 'm leaving them in the plugins list under `` masters '' on same. Around your underlings after you become the Head of a large mod list effortless, hence its heavy in.

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