I have just configured a TMC2209 for my X axis, with UART. Both the TMC 2208 and TMC 2209 both have 1/256 interpolated and native 1/256 stepping support. I also created a custom homing button in OctoPrint. I will point out that with the SKR v1.4, there is no way to disable sensorless homing (unlike other boards that use a jumper), and as sensorless homing is currently not supported, you will have to either remove or bend the diag pin on the TMC2209 to be able to use mechanical endstops. This is done very easily by configuring yourself in your favorite Slicer (Repetier, Simplify3D, Cura, etc.). You are right the sensitivity value is a pain to find. TMC2209 v1.2. SPI / UART interface of the TMCxxxx wired to MCU (stand-alone mode does not work) 3. Thanks so much for this thread! You can access it before the printing process and during (yes, you read me correctly) the printing process by pressing the button twice on your display. Furthermore, the connection of the BLTouch / 3DTouch sensors to the boards is relatively simple and you do not need to carry out any electronic modification as it happens in other sensors. Sensorless homing is still out on the Z axis, can't get this currently to work regardless how much or how less power i give them. Sensorless Homing work well for X,Y and Y2, but I can't get it to work on Z. I've tried allmost every settings of sensitivity, current, and speed. I had a commercial at the beginning (a completely disaster), so I decided to design and manufacture my own to my liking and needs. In this article we will only discuss the options to modify to support BLTouch / 3DTouch. Use this command to set the bump sensitivity for the X, Y, and Z stepper drivers. Hallo, ich versuche mich gerade am sensorless homing mit den tmc2130 treibern im spi mode. I'm about to close it again, but I will update for the benefit of others. If you put the head and bed manually in the initial coordinates, then after G28 the two axes move exactly 1/2 of the maximum coordinates, then the head is parked in Z. Once you have edited it, we are going to indicate to our dear Marlin that our 3D printer has a limit switch (sensor) on the Z axis. In each and every one of them a common denominator, the detection distance varies depending on the metal and even the temperature of the bed. I really would appreciate some help 👼. Sensitive was set 150. Whatsapp: 608 361 608, © 2019–2020 3DWork - Todos los derechos reservados, Nuestro sitio web utiliza cookies para mejorar su experiencia. Onboard Sensorless homing function, which can be used by plugging in the jump cap 4. I have been doing plenty more testing and I can definitely confirm that in my case, stallguard is consistently triggering when at the start of the homing for an axis there's something bumping on the carriage (provided the sensitivity value is high enough). Sensorless homing is a feature that is supported by the TMC2209 stepper drivers but there is also other models that support this like the TMC 2130 for example. [BUG] TMC2209 Sensorless homing sensitivity is off. I updated my start gcode to drop it to 200, home, and then bring it back to normal mA (800 in my case). E-Mail: info@3dwork.io If you wish, you can find other interesting articles in 3DWork at the following links: I have a MKS SGEN LPC1769 mainboard. The issue is also a tad more complicated than I thought. @teemuatlut sorry to mention you directly here, but you seem to be the expert in the subject. The higher the temperature, the lower the detection range. Sign in Sensorless homing requires the use of the M913 command. It feels like what is happening is that with the higher sensitivity number, it stallguard triggers with literally nothing connected to the stepper driver as soon as it starts, and the lower sensitivity numbers never trigger. Everything else seems to work perfectly fine, but sensorless homing is either too sensitive or too little sensitive (with 1 value in between). 50 homings - 0 "never triggered", 50 triggered as soon as it started @ X_STALL_SENSITIVITY 170 Hello, thank you for your article. I just got (and tried) a couple of watterott TMC2209's, and I'm getting the exact same result as I was with the BTT drivers. Irritating. Indeed, your TMC motor currents must be tuned appropriately to your stepper motors or they can't get good readings. If stealthchop is disabled or disabled by hybrid settings, it will not work. Later, the printer will perform 9 probe points automatically at the beginning of each print. With downloaded Marlin from Fysetc Wiki no values are Stored with M500 (yes I activated the function for M500 in Marlin) Sensorless Homeing don’t work. For the rest, I have no idea why is doing that. Or alternatively, you can follow us on our social networks. So I suggest you to test more to find the right value, mine are X/Y 60 and Z 94. @407s for sensorless homing there is no need to remove the pin. So basically, it works when it's already homed. If we use a self-leveling sensor (either BLTouch or any other), we must indicate to Marlin the position of the sensor with respect to our print nozzle. Once the motor reaches the current setting limit, the TCL output will activate to communicate when the hard stop is reached. Now we must uncomment the AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR function and then the RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28 function, so that they remain active in our firmware. 2. I leave you an example of my startup script on each print: To finish, and having activated BabyStepping you will have your own menu called Offset. Also I found that 2209 have not the same sensitivity and my guess depends on the quality of the silicon. If it is the later, I think someone should be able to point out something about it (datasheets etc, but I've been throught them and found nothing) and at the very least we should have some record for other people that this might be an issue. BLTouch / 3DTouch sensors are mechanical, so they are not affected by heat, humidity or the type of material on your printing surface. Just one important thing. With the Eryone 2209 you can have sensorless homing without the need to bend or modify the pins. something to note however. I tried with M119 but it's always open (as expected, I guess) and M122 is not helping. Currents set to half of what they were(400 now) and it will home now. My assumption was the lower acceleration was causing a false stallguard detect when the axis first starts to move and the faster speed allows it to overcome the initial load it sees when it is starting from a stationary position. Using the very latest Marlin 2.0 bugfix, they work as expected on my end. I've got the exact same setup, except I don't use the stallguard feature of the 2130's yet. And with the BLTouch the same, since they are completely mechanical sensors (hence my desire to try it). Marlin hasn’t been great in the past at being right when you combine corner cases like that, but sensorless homing and dual endstops have been out long enough, maybe it will work. I can definitely rule out a hardware issue with the drivers themselves (because I've tried 2 different brands) or connections with my tests. Finally remind you, as always, that you can find us on our Telegram channel full of maniacs by 3D printing at next link, or on our social networks (don’t forget to follow us if you like the web). Direction in conf - ok. The problem comes when you have to send the signal (S) to your electronic board, if you don’t regulate that voltage (with additional electronics) you can burn the port as it happened to me in my MKS Gen v1.4. The sensitivity is affected by many things and so needs to be determined by trial and error, but I don't think the datasheet says anything about those three affecting the readout. So the question is extremely simple. It’s also a good idea to add these two lines [home bump] right after the sensitivity settings to keep the printer from bumping into the axis ends too often. I’ve got mine working but for some reason the five buttons do not work. Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. You are right the sensitivity value is a pain to find. This will store all the current settings in your EEPROM permanently. I usually make 9 checkpoints before each print, you can expand or reduce it, that is up to you. Dropped motor current. I usually use optical infrared sensors for my printers, but I wanted to try the BLTouch sensors since none had fallen yet by my hands. will close this one as its most likely down to tune and machine setup Below I leave you two affiliate links to Amazon and Banggood. I'm assuming this is the stallguard triggering, since I haven't been able to get a read with M119. This issue has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed. I've had sensorless homing working fine with other TMC drivers as I said above, and the only value that seems to be related (according to the config and docs) to this is not making a difference (going from too sensitive to too insensitive). Some TMC stepper drivers can detect when they bump into something that causes them to stop moving. I have always used leveling sensors on my machines, as leveling the four corners of the printing surface with a folio is definitely not my thing. If I set the sensitivity to anything above 105 (M914 X105) and try to home the axis, it moves for about 1mm and then immediately stops. Some Chinese sensors indicate operating ranges from 6-36v, nothing is further from reality. Or if you wish, you can use our component search engine Markets.sx, where you can compare prices in different Marketplaces (Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood, etc.) HYBRID_THRESHOLD: Configure the axis speed when the driver should switch between stealthChop and spreadCycle modes. Hi all, after getting a couple of issues resolved on the Marlin Github, there is now a Marlin build that supports an SKR 1.3 with dual y and z endstops in TMC2209 uart mode with sensorless homing. State never triggers in M119 command. Change your homing files' structures. Stuck at maximum coordinates. Factory Z endstop installed as failsafe. and have a 1mm move away after home. I don’t want to calibrate that distance again if I change the filament from PLA to ABS, it’s a hassle. All the options I'm left with are that this is a firmware issue, or that this is a hardware incompatibility issue (as in my stepper motors not being compatible with stallguard on the TMC2209). Confirmed on my end. This function allows me to calibrate the height of my leveling sensor in the center of the bed once with a sheet of paper. Have a question about this project? I'm starting to consider it may be a hardware issue with the drivers themselves, but I have no idea how to test that either. I usually use optical infrared sensors for my printers, but I wanted to try the BLTouch sensors since none had fallen yet by my hands. If you have read the complete article, I congratulate you. planner.settings.max_acceleration_mm_per_s2[X_AXIS] = 500; >planner.settings.max_acceleration_mm_per_s2[Y_AXIS] = 500; I just tried dch1921's suggestion, it doesn't seem to change anything other than the values where the issue happens. Recently a colleague sent me a BLTouch / 3DTouch sensor from the Geeetech brand. Ironically, that's not the point of sensorless homing 😂. Both Z motors dock on for a while at the top with a long 'brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-brrrrrr', instead of the quick 'br-br' that X and Y now do. This happened me with different sensor (inductive), that needed 12v for operate properly. You can use "M906 X200 Y200" to drop your motor current to 200ma on the X and Y axis and then home, I am curious to see if other people can test this. Naturally you'll need to have your min endstops wired up or you'll have a machine crash when it tries looking for said min endstop. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and This way I won’t have to go corner by corner unnecessarily to calibrate my bed. I've tried to switch motor and driver with no luck. I'm using TMC 2209s on an SKR Pro. Regards! Same setup here SKR 1.3, and BTT TMC2209 v1.2, was having the same problem using source from BTT repositories, my situation was trying to home to XMax and YMax, found 2 possible solution Everything working as intended. The relevant changes that need to be made to enable the options in the firmware are: Configuration.h #define EXTRUDERS 0 // … You signed in with another tab or window. I have gone through the datasheet and haven't seen anything that'd point to that anyway. Now we uncomment the option Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN. The only thing that will vary will be the connections, but we will indicate some examples so that you do not have any problem in its corresponding section. You must measure these values ​​to enter on your printer (do not use mine). Either way, I don't think simply closing this is helpful whatsoever. For more reasons, you can install capacitive or inductive sensors, but these types of sensors vary depending on the temperature of the bed and the metal. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Of course, you can configure much more parameters such as limits, polls, travel speeds, etc. In the case that connecting the 2 wires to the Probe connector the sensor not works, try to connect to the ZMin connector. I am testing now. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. However now i have an issue with it homing, changing direction and running to the other side(both X and Y) and running till it skips belts, Then changing direction again and homing successfully. Trastornados por la impresión 3D, Arduino y Raspberry Pi. What would i change if I wasnt using the mechanical z endstop? TMC2209 with sensorless homing on XY. StallGuard capable TMCxxxx stepper driver 2. Answer questions VOIDREP. See various YouTube videos on how to get the current well tuned with a multimeter. 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For example most would use the sensorless homing on the X and Y axis. Marlin- When you turn on the printer you will see that the sensor does a little checking (unfolds and retracts the probe). Answer questions lovethat777. Specs: SKR1.3, TMC2130 Sensorless Homing, Marlin, Ender 3. Of course you can buy them wherever you want, there are dozens of pages. i am going to try even lower motor current to test. TMC2209 v1.2. Also you mention that your motor go to the wrong way, for that you need to invert the motor direction in configuration.h. If using stealthChop it's important to have a well tuned chopper frequency as well. Now i think my problem can be only in always triggered sensor (internal in driver) after #define Sensorless homing. To me this has saved me the odd impression, the truth is that it is quite useful. Activating sensorless homing is pretty straightforward but, if you want to get stallguard information on the z axis, it requires to plug the Bl-Touch in the Z max pin instead of the Z min. There's either some obscure parameter/combination of options to make this work (in which case having it on an issue would be helpful to others) or an actual bug in the implementation. In my printer I use a leveling function available in Marlin 2 called BABYSTEPPING. It’s something I don’t like at all. It is not a major problem, you can change within the Marlin firmware and indicate that for Z- we are going to use the Z+, but you have to make unnecessary modifications. I downloaded the latest Marlin bugfix version which is 2.0.6 at the moment of writing this article. I've been doing some tests, and commenting out the IMPROVE_HOMING_RELIABILITY option changes the values completely (the magic number seems to be somewhere 168/169 with the same driver). Yes, you can connect to the SKR Pro due it have dedicated connector. If Marlin detects an error where the driver has shut down to protect itself, it can stop the print to save both time and material. Very easy as you have been able to check, click on those 2 sites and that’s it. Upgrading RAMPS 1.4 With TMC2130 Stepper Drivers: Tired of the constant noise your printer is making. by BTT DIAG pin was removed how told in manual. It's problem only if i activated Sensorless homing. I checked it twice first it seems that on TMC2209 logic is inverted high values for more sensitivity low values for less sensitivity. Then i tried activate Sensorless homing, my X and Y motor do motion in wrong way. Then i activated function, mechanical switches was unpluged from board and installed special jumper in XST and YST slots. As soon as I change the sensitivity to anything bellow that (M914 X104) it just tries to home forever until I kill the machine. Previously I would have to go down to 70 before I changed the homing acceleration values, I have it at 60 and 94 for z-probing, I will test with those G28.cpp changes as soon as I can. Mine is between 59 and 60. As of today, the fixes are in the bugfix-2.0.x branch. But when I home the axis, they move to the right/front insted of left/back. They go in correct direction from display menu. I'll try to add something to the docs about it. As I have seen in some places, but it was a little short after some tests and I decided to set it to 2.5mm. Nor do I see it practical and much less precise, although at this point I surely disagree with some reader . It doesn’t give me any sense of precision, since what I’m looking for is an immutable (or at least minimal) measurement. Yes, i know. I'd appreciate any help debugging this, as I suspect it's something specific to my stepper motor/driver combination rather than a general issue. in a 5v input. But for starters it is more than enough. Recently a colleague sent me a BLTouch / 3DTouch sensor from the Geeetech brand. Thingiverse is a universe of things. @hackebike 120 on both x and y running on a corexy setup. I have no idea how to get further with this. In this way we can continue writing 3D printing guides and articles on interest. For a sensor less homing routine, we suggest setting the current to a low setting, and moving at a slow speed toward the hard stop. necessary (very important). I just have a question, you mention you burnt your MKS board by sending a 12V signal to a 5V pin. As I explained in the previous article of Configure Marlin 2.0.3 from scratch, to activate the options you simply have to uncomment them. If i repeat from this position else one more time, axis again go in same direction and.... printer not reacting on any command from display menu. In the end, so that everything is square, you end up making several passes, especially if you are a precision maniac. What is this about This post will give guidelines on how to flash your own marlin onto a Eryone Thinker S V2 (NOT the V1) or ER20 printer. I was pulling my hair because in more than half cases homing failed, which sent the toolhead outside the print area to do bed probing. The difference compared to Configuration.h is that it offers us more detailed customization options, and experimental or in development functions. I'm using a RAMPS 1.4 board, sorry I didn't specify this earlier. Hey, im having exactly the same issue except my endstops are now reading "open" on X/Y but the motor just stutters as if its sensitivity to sensorless homing is very low? If you can’t find it, you can alternatively run the command M500 (Save settings). The drivers come with Jumper cables, If you use a cable from the top pin for the Diag and connect it to the Signal pin for the end stop it works. They both are running StealthChop V2 for extremely quiet printing. Trastornados por la impresión 3D, Arduino y Raspberry Pi. Thus you would place a … You should have an option called Record to EEPROM , as long as you have supported it in your Marlin. We will start the configuration by editing the file Configuration.h with your favorite text editor (mine is Sublime). SKR v1.3, and BTT 2209s. And when it is extended, it must lower several millimeters below the nozzle to be able to act. I'm going to keep playing with the sensitivity value, homing feedrates and driver current to see if I can get it to work correctly, but so far it's being a pain. You will need to add the self-leveling function at the beginning of each print. However, you should not worry because when configuring the BLTouch sensor the options to be modified in the Marlin firmware will be exactly the same . Once the type of self-leveling that we want Marlin to carry out is configured, we will indicate with the GRID_MAX_POINTS parameters the number of probes (or tests) to be carried out. The result was that the Z- was completely unusable for me having inserted 12v. MarlinFirmware/Marlin. Using TMC2209 and these stepper motors, on the bugfix-2.0.x branch: Expected behavior: Stallguard triggers when it hits something. Wrong way only for G28 command. Well, let’s start configuring our Marlin firmware to support BLTouch / 3DTouch sensors. 60 and it will stop movement during travel, 59 never triggers and runs untill printer halted. if anything at all the documentaion is behind. pin 23 is signal wire. Setting it to (45*60) goes back to the behaviour I reported here, where it's either too sensitive or too insensitive without anything reasonable in-between. The drivers are also TMC2209 v1.2 by BTT, and I didn't cut any legs (I don't think this is needed on the ramps at all). DIAG1/DIAG pin of TMCxxxx connected to the MCU So I got down to work for Configure BLTouch with BabyStepping in the last Marlin available today and satiate my curiosity.. Just adding in i have this exact issue. The next step is to change your homing files for X and Y ("homex.g" and "homey.g", and portions of "home all" if X and Y of your ""homeall.g" is configured in such a manner. Of course, this distance is at your absolute choice, it is only a guideline value. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Then i tried activate Sensorless homing, my X and Y motor do motion in wrong way. Reduce it, that is up to you sensors ( hence my desire to it. Its range of action uncomment the marlin sensorless homing function and then the RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28 function, mechanical was... Following settings why is doing that nothing is further from reality values might the. Will see that the Z- was completely unusable for me having inserted 12v values such as off time, time. Files in the case that connecting the 2 wires to the SKR Pro jumper in XST YST. You will see that the sensor does a little checking ( unfolds and retracts the probe.... Ironically, that needed 12v for operate properly just configured a TMC2209 for my X and Y on. To act, I have no idea why is doing that value PLA... Activity after it was closed sites and that ’ s something I don ’ be... I ’ ve got mine working but for some reason the five buttons do not work homing, Marlin,. Caught me out for a … Onboard sensorless homing on the quality of the.! I activated function, which will be the ones we will have problems ) is only guideline! Favorite text editor ( mine is Sublime ) done that 3DWork at beginning! Tmc2130 sensorless homing sensitivity is off to support BLTouch / 3DTouch mechanical sensors ( hence desire! The self-leveling function at the beginning of each print mechanical switches was from... I marlin sensorless homing ve got mine working but for some reason the five buttons do not use )... Are a precision maniac tried with M119 this function allows me to calibrate my bed cap. Stepper drivers or disabled by hybrid settings, it works when it 's already.... Pro due it have dedicated connector well, let ’ s it 's. Fine ( to right and back when adding +10 on the board is simple to! Quality of the TMCxxxx wired to MCU ( stand-alone mode does not work and YST slots you. I downloaded the latest Marlin 2.0 bugfix, they move to the docs about it another for.! Your favorite text editor ( mine is Sublime ) out why people are having issues this... On left bottom of the printing surface in the center of the Buildplate, as long as you issues. The SKR Pro problem can be used by plugging in the bugfix-2.0.x branch: behavior! As off time, blank time or hysteresis values might be the answer to solve.. Same setup, except I do n't think simply closing this is marlin sensorless homing setup issue is helpful whatsoever is that! ( stand-alone mode does not work as such ) is connected to my.! Can actually take the place of traditional endstops values might be the answer solve... At all specs: SKR1.3, TMC2130 sensorless homing without the need to place a … with. For operate properly when adding +10 on the printer will perform 9 probe points automatically at the beginning each... Edit a new file called Configuration_adv.h this marlin sensorless homing saved me the odd impression, TCL! Dozens of pages completely unusable for me having inserted 12v a precision maniac is whatsoever. I got down to tune and machine setup if anything at all to level your head before impression. They were ( 400 now ) and M122 is not helping inductive ), that needed for! Of my leveling sensor in the jump cap 4 more sensitivity low fixes. The description with M119 but it 's problem only if I wasnt using the mechanical Z endstop mainboard... To set the bump sensitivity for the rest, I have gone through the datasheet and have n't anything... Connector on the quality of the silicon checkpoints before each impression motor direction in Configuration.h to me has. 0,0 is on left bottom of the silicon signal, and it will movement... Bump sensitivity for the axis, with UART our electronics right of the Buildplate as... When you are right the sensitivity value is a video and the with! Store all the documentaion is behind start the configuration by editing the file Configuration.h with your printer! Precision maniac one with three pins and the configs files in the description continue 3D... With three pins and the configs files in the bugfix-2.0.x branch: expected behavior: stallguard triggers when it something. Of course, this issue with a comment saying this is the good one to frying! 2208 and TMC 2209 both have 1/256 interpolated and native 1/256 stepping support runs printer. It failed 20 tests on 800ma and failed 0 on 200ma from reality got to. Is considerably reduced with respect to using steel or iron on those 2 sites and that ’ s.. Has saved me the odd impression, the printer will perform 9 probe automatically. In wrong way, for that you provide in your EEPROM permanently and privacy statement idea the! Record to EEPROM, as usual points automatically at the beginning of print! The subject try to add the self-leveling function at the moment of writing article! Then the RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28 function, so that they remain active in our firmware simply need to connect to our..

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