How fascinating, that when I google future, it turns out to be a rapper. Perhaps this is what the future is about: fascinating.

For years, I worked hard to improve my writing and mastered the skill of news creation. Despite this being a solo effort, I am satisfied with what I have achieved with States Times Review.

Dropping it all and letting it sink into the sea of history is not a waste. This is growth.

Living in the past is temporally impossible, and those who live in the present longing for the past are only entrapping themselves and living in deception.

My choice is moving on and moving forward. What is the right choice, is only but a question posed by a person who seeks to deny his past. There is no right choice. History has revealed the wisest man is always the biggest fool, and the world can never be changed by a fool who never realise he knew nothing. Moving on means accepting both the mistakes and glories of the past, and to move forward in the unmapped yet familiar future.

Good bye.

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