President Vladimir Putin yesterday declared a vaccine for the coronavirus and even declared that he injected the new vaccine – named “Sputnik V” – into one of his two daughters.

Sputnik means satellite in Russian

While you can be skeptical about claims from Russia or China, I take his words. Unlike Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin has a track record of keeping his words, even though I am no fan of the two of them. Sputnik V will start mass vaccination in October.

Unlike Singapore leaders, Vladimir Putin don’t make motherhood statements, and making a claim about invention of a vaccine is a very big claim. He certainly does not come across as reckless by putting the entire Russian reputation, his daughter’s life and his people’s lives on the line.

I know the characters of Vladimir Putin very well, after all, it is exactly what I will do myself.

With Russia charting such a monumental achievement, its key rivals like US and China are probably now working their heads off to come out with a vaccine.

It is also the world’s fortunes that US did not come out with a vaccine first. The US capitalists are already saying they are selling them at US$60 a shot – hah you greedy pigs.