Watched a youtube video of Singaporeans waving their national flags to military vehicles parading in their neighbourhood, and I find such behaviour… childish.

In my use of the description “childish”, it is in a sense like how I watch a child happily play pretend with a stuffed bear. I am not put off, and neither do I want to take away her stuffed bear. I certainly do not derive any pleasure playing with a stuffed bear myself, just as much as I do not find any value celebrating Singapore’s national day. Both my physical and mental state express zero interest in national days.

Many people’s pride in life are the birth certificate they hold on to, or the family name or country they are born in, or the language they speak. They feel their lives are defined by their upbringing and culture.

For myself, I value personal effort and achievements, and I find little value in the privileges you were born with or equipped with by others. I appraise a person’s true worth like looking into a company’s balance sheet and business decisions.

When I was in Singapore, I prefer pasar malams (make-shift markets) over the National Day. Shark fin soup, goreng pisangs (fried bananas), fried squids, fishballs. Festivals like Lantern Festival and pasar malams serve only to bring food, fun and enjoyment, and they do not need irresponsible commitments like pledging your life.

Events like National Day was never in my list of favourites, even Latern Festivals is more valuable to me with sights of young children playing with candlesticks and fire.

As to the significance of National Day, I have a heightened awareness and deeper level of knowledge over Singapore history than those shedding tears at its celebration. I probably know too much narrative and agendas to even want to associate with, not even “celebrating”, the national day of Singapore.

It is amusing to me, that people who lest understand Singapore love it more. Happiness is indeed built on ignorance, except for those who sees ignorance as unhappiness. I can’t smile and say “I am ignorant and happy”, I prefer to be knowledgeable and happy.