Numbers and statistics are usually abused to promote an agenda, regardless if the person did it knowingly or not. Everyone is biased, and most are just ignorant people who doesn’t know where their bias lies or self-righteous ones striving to maintain balance.

Above is a screenshot of NSW 9 News stating the number of confirmed cases and tests done each day. 12 new cases on the back of 28,035 tests done – clear and crisp. Well done (this is why States Times Review will for sure fail terribly in Australia)

Governments and large corporations often play with numbers to present their narrative. Honesty is not the best policy when it is inconvenient. Coincidentally, just a day before, Donald Trump tried to claim that the coronavirus situation in US is under control – by avoiding the measurement of deaths per population. The Aussie reporter responded with a meme buffet of facial expressions. How audacious he is to confront the US President with facts.