I have decided not to write any more articles for Singapore, but it is still a good long year before this site closes. Well, I paid a hefty amount in time and resources for the site creation so I might as well make good use of it.

The July 10 election marked the end of my obligation to my birth country, it is fulfilling to see that I finished what I started. It is a straightforward exit strategy, leaving supporters of the anti-PAP cause unfulfilled. Many has picked up from the sudden void and started their own crusade; with the assurance that the PAP finding it harder to govern than before. Passing down the ideals to replicate myself in others has all along been the aim.

Personally I moved on. The checkbox has been ticked. I don’t even see the PAP as an enemy now, and rather, like any incumbent government – say China or Trump. I may not be approval of some of their actions but I recognise their authority.

This is an approach of not questioning politics, typically known in Chinese as【不问政】. Whoever is in charge is not of my priorities nor concerns, and neither do I have any interest in influencing anyone. Any government is a form of terrain to me, an external environment for me to navigate. Getting the best outcomes is easier done by conflating leadership factor as the weather or market prices.

Why market prices? Well, as a trader, my primary approach is to ignore sentiments. If a stock is overpriced in my view, or if a government policy is ridiculous, I would not buy in. I will not take external actions to influence the stock price or government, and I will simply pick an action of the least effort, which is usually to wait it out. Patience is built by perspectives, and perspectives are created by interpretations of information. There might be more Sundays in some weeks but not every day is Sunday.

I will write if I want to. It is my site after all hahah.