Empty check-in counters; Changi Airport

Singapore is on track to break the 50,000 figure by the end of July, with daily reporting still in the hundreds.

There are currently 45,298 confirmed cases in Singapore, with 158 newly reported yesterday.

The hundreds of new cases reported each day, is likely to continue into September, which the health ministry said by then they would have completed 80% of the 323,000 foreign worker population. By the time the testing of foreign workers complete, Singapore could easily see 80,000 in confirmed cases.

No foreign country is willing to open up travel with Singapore, with hundreds of new cases reporting each day until November. The European Union and East Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan and China have refused to open travel with Singapore. This means Singapore’s airports to close for the rest of the year in 2020, and it is also unlikely to reopen by early 2021.

The true infection is still hidden, as the government has not done any mass testing and restrictions are already being eased ahead. The Ministry of Health is adamant in its refusal to disclose the number tests done each day, and the reporting figures are suspiciously low in the election week.

Unlinked infection is also on the rise, and students and young children are increasing in the so-called community cases. A second wave has begun, with daily community cases now back to circuit breaker lockdown figures.