Lee Hsien Loong

Thanks to election frauds like vote buying and unfair news reporting from the government media, Singapore might see a full PAP parliament with the opposition parties fully wiped out.

The major factor behind a complete opposition wipeout will be the NCMP scheme, which “guarantee” 12 opposition candidates in parliament.

The use of POFMA has also silenced all election discussions, putting PAP as the default winner of every debate.

Weak opposition like Reform Party are not even turning up during televised broadcasts, a WP candidate is under police investigations and SDP’s Dr Chee and the party are under direct character assassination. Dr Tan Cheng Bock is also painted as a “family feud” party for Lee Hsien Yang.

The PAP candidates are also promising countless upgrading projects for the estates, with the opposition candidate unable to make similar commitments.

The PAP government is also reducing testing rates to report a lower figures for the coronavirus outbreak, and Temasek Holdings deliberately held off its annual reporting – that is expected to post at least S$50 billion in losses – to September after the election. Unemployment figures for June was also unavailable, with only March figures reporting a pre-outbreak figure of 2.4% unemployment rate. With official figures being censored, the opposition find very little ground to stand in this election.

Agreeing that the opposition chances are bleak is both Singapore Democratic Party and the Workers’ Party. Yesterday, SDP candidate Dr Paul Tambyah said all opposition candidates may lose the election:

“Between the major parties together, if we get one-third, we can prevent a super majority in Parliament. Although, to be honest, that is wishful thinking. Because right now, it looks like a wipeout. So, all we are trying to do is survive.”

WP Pritam Singh said the coronavirus outbreak is pointing to a PAP win:

“There is a real risk of a wipeout of elected opposition MPs at the July 10 polls. It is a crisis election. So, history is a teacher – in 2001, they called for elections soon after the 9/11 attacks. And the opposition was nearly wiped out. There was a 75 per cent majority. The fact that they called the election at this time when they don’t have to… shows that they are hoping to get a wipeout. It is something we really hope doesn’t happen.”