Polish national Michael Patraeus

Facebook has taken action against foreign interference in Singapore’s elections, by taking down a pro-PAP page run by a Polish national. Critical Spectator page, run by Michael Patraeus, often post fake news attacking the critics of Singapore and support ruling party PAP politicians.

This is the third action against fake news taken by Facebook, without the government-issued POFMA order. Two other actions were taken against another pro-PAP page, Fabrications About the PAP, which is owned by a Malaysian called Jason Chua Chin Seng.

In this election, the Singapore government had POFMA-ed 4 Facebook pages, including States Times Review, but Facebook did not un-publish any of them.

Facebook in July last year, set up a special election team for Singapore, after complaints and false accusations by the ruling party government for condoning the spread of fake news.