Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong

PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong engaged in doublespeak yesterday declaring there is no second wave of infection but there is a higher infection:

“Singapore has not seen a second wave of infections yet even though the number of community cases has gone up.”

Yesterday was the third consecutive day Singapore saw its community cases past ten cases, returning to circuit breaker lockdown figures.

In his coronavirus update yesterday, the millionaire minister said there is a risk of a cluster forming in HDB blocks as seen in Tampines Street 11, Block 111:

“The risk is there. Nine people living in Block 111 Tampines Street 11 have Covid-19 and I am concerned that this cluster could be a major outbreak for Singapore.”

The remaining 118 residents currently tested negative but the coronavirus has an incubation period that range from a few days to weeks.

National Development Minister Lawrence noted that the country will have to go back into a lockdown if the community cases rise further:

“Singapore cannot rule out having to impose additional restrictions or put in another circuit breaker down the road.”

To date, the Singapore government refuse to disclose the number of tests done each day, in a deliberate attempt to hide the prevalence rate. Unlike other countries that had opened up, no mass testing was done in Singapore.