Orchard Road empty; Upnowmedia

Singapore will go back into a lockdown after the July 10 General Elections as the number of community cases are now back to Circuit Breaker period.

The condition for the earlier reopening is to have under 10 community cases for a month.

More than 10 community cases have been reported in the past two days: 18 cases on July 5th and 23 cases yesterday July 6th. Yesterday’s figure is also the highest since April 24th, where 25 cases were reported.

COVID infographic:

If the community cases stay above 10 for the rest of this week until Sunday, Singapore will have to go back into a lockdown. This means all non-essential services like food courts, coffeeshops and retail shops will have to shut down to prevent community infection.

Social distancing will have to be introduced to public transport again, with NEA officers prowling the streets and issuing fines to first-time offenders without warning.

Singapore went into a lockdown, termed as “Circuit Breaker”, from April 7th to June 1st. The lockdown extended further as “Phase 1” until June 18th.