PAP Tharman

In a PAP propaganda video, PAP Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam claimed that Singaporean salaries have rose by 32% in the past ten years:

“Ten years ago, median incomes were about $2,900. Now, in nominal terms, it’s $4,600. After adjusting for inflation, it’s still 32 per cent – a very substantial increase.”

The PAP minister’s figures include the income of foreigners, who draw much higher salaries than Singaporeans. In addition, the cost of living also increased by 30% in the past 10 years – which Minister Tharman conveniently omitted.

Minister Tharman also claimed that fewer than 10,000 people are unemployed after the coronavirus outbreak. The PAP minister did not quote his source or specify which time period he is referring to.

Nonetheless, the millionaire minister made further baseless claims saying Singapore has unemployment rate a lot lower than the rest of the world:

“In Singapore, unemployment has gone up by fewer than 10,000 people. In Germany, it’s 6.4 per cent. In Hong Kong, it’s close to 6 per cent. In the US, it’s at about 13 per cent, although the economists say the true figure is more like 17, 18 per cent.”

Minister Tharman’s “less than 10,000” numbers does not add up as the PAP government announced it is spending S$2 billion to create 100,000 opportunities for unemployed Singaporeans.

The current job vacancy rate is 0.71, as of March 2020 before the lockdown on April 7th.