Lee Hsien Loong

During the election rally last night, Lee Hsien Loong said he is a dog for Singaporeans:

“MM (the late Minister Mentor) Mr Lee Kuan Yew used to say that this is dog loyalty and not cat loyalty. The difference is the dog loyalty is to the person. If the person goes somewhere else, the dog goes with him. The cat loyalty is not to the person. And MPs, our relationship with our voters is dog loyalty and they must build it.”

The Singapore ruling party dictator had an embarrassing turnout for his online election rally last night, with only 7,000 viewers on Facebook Live.

The viewership is less than 4% for Ang Mo Kio GRC where there are over 185,000 constituents.

The five PAP candidates described the upgrading projects in Ang Mo Kio GRC, claiming credit for the development.