FAP Jason Chua featured in state media

Without requiring any POFMA order, Facebook has shut down another pro-PAP fake news page after shutting down the “Fabrications About the PAP” page.

The second page is with the same name “Fabrications About the PAP”. Facebook confirmed the page was created by fake accounts that do not comply with Facebook’s account policies:

“We have unpublished another “Fabrications About the PAP” page as this is part of our efforts to deal with problematic accounts. We’ve taken action on accounts in Singapore for violating our policies. This is based on the violating behaviour of these accounts and not based on the content posted from these pages.”

None of the Facebook pages the Singapore government POFMA and accused of being “fake news” has been shut down. This includes The Online Citizen and States Times Review (STR).

No POFMA order was issued to Fabrications About the PAP despite numerous fake news and slander attacking government critics and their favourite target, STR editor Alex Tan.

The Polling Day is on July 10, and the PAP is losing support from its Internet Brigade.