PAP army general Gan Siow Huang

In her political broadcast this evening, PAP candidate Gan Siow Huang – a former army general – said that she have “SAF experience” for her voters:

“I believe that my experience and the values I gained in the SAF, especially in leading and taking care of people, will enable me to serve residents of Marymount well.”

The former brigadier general did not explain how her military experience is relevant to the public sector but claimed that she has several “expertises”:

“My 20-over years in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have given me expertise in the areas of operations, maintenance, manpower, long-term planning and policy making.”

The PAP candidate was not well-received, as compared to the opposition PSP candidate, Dr Ang Yong Guan.

Dr Ang Yong Guan, a psychiatrist, started off asking if Singaporeans “feel at peace” with their lives. The opposition candidate highlighted that Singapore society is more stressful these days under the ruling party PAP government, with more Singaporeans working longer hours and losing family and personal time.