Minister K Shanmugam

In his political broadcast this evening, Law Minister K Shanmugam issued a threat to his voters in Nee Soon GRC, warning them that if the PAP does not get voted in, they will have no estate upgrading of “15 major projects”:

“Looking ahead, at least 15 major projects would be completed or significantly upgraded in the next five years.”

Another Nee Soon GRC candidate, Derrick Goh, joined in the threat, warning that 41 blocks in the ageing estate of Yishun may lose their upgrading and numerous bus services if the PAP lose power:

“The Home Improvement Programme for 41 blocks in the area and improve bus services. I want to increase the number of inclusive initiatives for young families and the vulnerable, as well as revitalising Yishun mall and developing a new community club with better facilities.”

PAP MP Louis Ng chipped in, saying Yishun will have “one of the largest community farms in the heartlands”, only if PAP win.