Minister Josephine Teo

When contesting opposition People’s Voice Lim Tean mentioned that Jalan Besar voters should treat this election as a referendum for Manpower Minister Josephine Teo, the PAP minister said she does not want to talk about the foreign worker infection during the coronavirus outbreak.

Minister Josephine Teo said voters should not vote based on her performance in government:

“I am not that important hahaha. I don’t think the residents feel that this is a referendum on me.”

PAP minister Josephine Teo then threatened Jalan Besar voters that their town upgrading will be affected if PAP is not in power:

“Rejuvenation, estate upgrading, and the introduction of new features are some of the things residents hope will continue (if PAP win). The constituency (under PAP) has seen five MRT lines over the years… But there is a lot more that we can do, and we hope to do so.”