Photo of K Shanmugam from Straits Times

Singapore’s ruling party PAP has gone fake news, this time, using an analogy claiming that SDP’s candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan called them a wife-beater:

“A simple analogy will explain Dr Chee’s mendacity. Imagine this. Dr Chee claims you said you want to beat up your spouse. You deny it, and show proof that you neither said this nor have beaten your spouse. Instead of apologising, Dr Chee says: “Victory! I extracted a promise from you that you will never beat your spouse”.”

SDP did not make the statement as the PAP press release described.

The analogy by PAP has drawn disgust from woman’s rights group, AWARE. The Singapore feminist group said the PAP “reinforced the myth” that false allegations of domestic abuse is common:

“We are concerned that such a statement made by an authoritative public body could have an unintended consequence — reinforcing the myth that false allegations of abuse are common. This deters victims from coming forward when domestic violence is already under-reported. We call upon (PAP) political candidates to be mindful and responsible in their communications throughout this election.”