Lawrence Wong

Minister Lawrence Wong has came out denying that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued an advisory not to test foreign workers, claiming that doctors were the ones who issued the order:

“It was not MOM that issued the advice unilaterally. Doctors and experts requested MOM to put out the advisory to employers.”

The denial came after SDP candidate Professor Paul Tambyah noted that the MOM is responsible for the foreign workers’ infection outbreak today, after the ministry stopped foreign workers from testing:

“The advisory was issued in February after an infection at Seletar Aerospace Park. Many employers subsequently asked their workers to go to A&E departments in hospitals to get tested and certified Covid-19 negative so they could work. The Manpower Ministry (MOM) then issued an advisory asking employers not to get workers tested.”

Minister Lawrence Wong attacked Professor Paul Tambyah’s character, accusing of him fabricating “fake news”:

“Prof Tambyah allegations are baseless and false… He has got his facts wrong… I am fully prepared for the SDP to do such a thing, but I had expected better of Prof Tambyah.”

On 19 Feb 2020, the Ministry of Manpower warned employers that if their foreign workers test negative, their work pass privileges will be suspended:

“Employers who act irresponsibly by misusing medical facilities may have their work pass privileges suspended.”