K Shanmugam

Instead of selling his party, Law Minister K Shanmugam is on a toxic political campaign running down the Opposition parties, this time, accusing them of being liars and having “no concrete plans”.

The PAP minister first fabricated fake news about Progress Singapore Party, accusing them of trading Nee Soon GRC with Reform Party:

“The PSP has come, but seems to be very half-hearted about it. As you will recall, a week ago they were offering to trade Nee Soon for some other constituency. It’s like, ‘Do you want Nee Soon? You can have it’.”

K Shamugam then called opposition candidate Brad Bowyer a “liar”:

“PSP Brad Bowyer is dishonest and his explanation is an avoidance tactic when found out.”

The PAP millionaire minister today accused the opposition parties for having no purpose in contesting the election:

“So the question is, what are you running for Parliament for? You’ve got to have a plan and a policy for people.”

Minister K Shanmugam claimed that the PAP has a “concrete plan” which the opposition doesn’t:

“The PAP has set out what it has achieved at a local level in Nee Soon over the last five years and before that, as well as what it seeks to do over the next five years, in concrete terms. The PSP did not know the ground in Nee Soon GRC. It is very clear that the PSP has no plans for Nee Soon GRC.”