PAP army general Chan Chun Sing

Former army general PAP Minister Chan Chun Sing told state media reporters that Singaporeans should stop thinking about what happened during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, and instead focus on looking forward:

“Getting through the Covid-19 crisis should be the focus of all opposition parties. This point was glaringly missing from their manifestos and discussions in the past days and weeks. I think the most important thing still goes back to this central issue: how we are going to get through this crisis.”

The PAP minister refused to talk about earlier government policies telling people not to wear a face mask in public. The slum-like living conditions of Singapore’s foreign worker dormitories before the outbreak, was also not mentioned.

When asked about the opposition’s campaign, Minister Chan Chun Sing said it is not important to have checks and balance in Parliament.

The millionaire minister insisted that that the PAP government has “done well”:

“Has the government done well? If the government has done well, should we affirm the government or should we punish the Government by giving the PAP government even fewer seats?”