Millionaire PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong

Singapore’s Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has given the go-ahead to reopen cinemas by July 13, despite reporting hundreds of new cases each day.

Up to 50 patrons can share the auditorium, with their face masks off if they have a drink with them.

The movie theatres were earlier closed because doctors advised against gathering within an enclosed space for more than an hour.

The news came after Minister Gan Kim Yong made false claims about “situation under control” when the total infection has surpassed 44,000 in the small island state.

Singapore today reported 169 new cases, including 11 so-called community cases. The health ministry refused to disclose the number of tests done each day.

A HDB block in Tampines yesterday reported 9 residents of two families living in two different floors being infected with the coronavirus at the same time. The ministry reported that they need “a couple of days” to fully test the 160 residents in the affected residential HDB block.