PAP Tan See Leng

PAP candidate for Marine Parade GRC, Tan See Leng, has shocked Singaporeans with his 69 jobs leaving Singaporeans questioning if he is able to carry out his, 70th if elected, MP duties at all.

A background check on Tan See Leng found that he is the director of numerous clinic groups:

Tan See Leng’s 69 jobs

The new candidate, a 55 year old multi-millionaire, was put up to replace Goh Chok Tong, who threw in his resignation a week ago suddenly before the election.

Most PAP MPs do their MP duties part-time only, while holding full-time jobs.

State media CNA reported in 2018, that PAP MPs work only 28.45 days in a year on average. Some Parliament sitting finished as fast as within 25 minutes, and the hours only stretch when Opposition Workers’ Party MPs refused to agree on issues with the PAP government.