Photo of Murali from The Straits Times

PAP candidate Murali Pillai put up an Indian drama on Facebook claiming that a video is circulating attacking his family because his son is in jail.

Nobody knows his son is in jail, and nobody has seen the video. His son’s offence was not revealed, and no news nor social media post was found.

After a private dectective investigation, it turns out the PAP candidate fabricated fake news to score sympathy votes at Bukit Pankang SMC where he is contesting. PAP Murali Pillai said in his video:

“Friends, minutes after election has been declared in Bukit Batok SMC,
a scurrilous attack has been made against my family.
A post is now circulating about my son.

My son was a victim, of a scandal.
He also committed offences.
The court has dealt with all these matters.
The perpetrators behind the scandal has been dealt with.

He himself has been dealt with and is serving sentence.
The timing behind this post leaves nothing to imagination.

Yes, I am not a perfect father. Yes, families have issues.
But no, this thing should not be brought into politics.

I am terribly affected by this. But I will not be deterred.
I will fight on. Thank you.”