Murali Pillai

When questioned why is PAP MP Murali Pillai working full-time as a lawyer and part-time as a MP, the PAP candidate said the MP job does not have to be full-time.

PAP Murali Pillai claimed that a MP does the same amount of work full-time or part-time:

“Imagine a Parliament filled with just full-time politicians. The Parliament will have politicians with the same blind spot.”

The Indian PAP MP then flipped the discussion, claiming that it is “better” to have a part-time MP because his “full-time experience” allows him to comment on more issues:

“My experience as a (full-time) lawyer allows me to comment on legislative Bills (which a full-time MP can’t).”

When questioned about the financial lapses in upgrading projects for his constituency Bukit Batok SMC, the incumbent MP said the errors are not important:

“I’ve reviewed the town council’s (financial) statement and I note there were some shortcomings. But the nature of shortcomings are not systemic.”

PAP MP Murali Pillai promised he will fix the errors if he get re-elected:

“I would also add that as far as the shortcomings are concerned, certainly, action will be taken in relation to the appropriate officer, so that we will make sure that the appropriate level of services are continually delivered.”

When questioned about a video he claimed to be circulating, Murali Pillai declined to give details and said “I just want to move on.” Media reporters asked where did the video first surface, and he was not able to answer. Murali Pillai also declined to comment what crime his son commit.

An investigation found that Murali Pillai fabricated the fake news of a video to score sympathy votes.