Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore’s ruling party PAP government openly engaged in vote buying this election, announcing a S$300 cash handout for all Singaporeans a day after Nomination Day.

Vote buying is illegal in all democratic countries.

The Ministry of Finance made the untimely announcement today a week ahead of Polling Day, saying it is a GST voucher:

“Around 1.4 million Singaporeans will receive cash payouts of up to $300, credited directly into their bank accounts from Aug 1.”

The new cash handout announcement came after the ruling party PAP saw its popularity dived over the mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak. The PAP government went on a spending spree to bail out crony businesses, spending nearly S$100 billion, funded from raiding the national reserves.

Many Singaporeans are however unfazed with the cash handout announcement, with many saying they are going to take the money and vote against the PAP.