Tan Chuan Jin

Despite being a senior government politician, army general PAP candidate Tan Chuan Jin uploaded a photo of himself having a hair cut and not wearing a face mask. The PAP candidate then quickly took down his photo and said he is unaware of the rule:

“I just had a haircut and was looking at some of your comments. Went to check. Yikes. Realize that my mask had to be on THROUGHOUT the haircut. Apologies! Even if it’s to facilitate easier cut and shave, we shouldn’t remove it. 🙏🏻Tks!! Do remind others if they had thought the same too!”

A report has been filed against Tan Chuan Jin’s breaking COVID regulation, but the National Environment Agency refused to take action.

All first time offender in Singapore was fined S$300 without warning, but the rule does not apply for PAP politicians.

PAP candidates have been taking off their face masks and gathering in groups of more than 5, with the NEA not taking any action.

Tan Chuan Jin was the Parliament of Speaker, after he was fired from his full ministerial position for underperformance. The army general gained notoriety when he said elderly poor who collect cardboards are “only exercising because they have nothing to do”.