Lee Hsien Loong

In his election campaign speech, Lee Hsien Loong said Singaporeans should not use this election to express their unhappiness and claimed that his government performance has nothing to do with the election.

The world’s richest politician at S$2.2 million/year, said Singaporeans must vote for PAP even if the government is not doing well:

“Most of the time when we go into an election, the country’s doing well. Then, sometimes, like now, you have an election during a crisis. These are elections that focus everyone’s mind and you can also change the course of history.”

Lee Hsien Loong was the first person in February telling Singaporeans not to wear a face mask in public, and claiming the coronavirus will not spread in crowded places.

The 68-year-old Singapore dictator also said he may not be retiring after GE2020, and, blaming the coronavirus, he might want to continue staying in the government beyond 2025:

“I can’t say that it’s the last one, although I have said that I’m hoping to hand over this term to my successor… I do not know if GE2020 will be my final one, with the pandemic possibly affecting my succession plans.As for Covid-19 on our plans, I very much hope that Covid-19 will not disturb my plans but it is a very wily and dangerous virus, and we will have to see how things develop on that.”

Lee Hsien Loong also blamed the internet for his party’s declining popularity, calling it “dangerous”:

“The Internet has significant downsides because of the problem of people mobilising overnight internet storms. It happens faster than people are able to digest and make sense of information and facts, and in an election that’s a dangerous thing.”

The PAP dictator said there is no need to vote for the Opposition because he had reserved 12 NCMP seats for them.