Former army general Chan Chun Sing tried to steal a win via walkover at the Nomination Centre for Tanjong Pagar GRC, but he was disappointed to find out that his team made a paperwork mistake too.

A member of the opposition party, Progress Singapore Party, forgot to fill in the name of the constituency to contest in. The mistake was caught by PAP candidate Chan Chun Sing, who wanted to disqualify his opponents.

The former army general was then shocked when the Progress Singapore Party also found a mistake in the PAP’s forms, where PAP candidate Eric Chua wrote “retired civil servant” as an occupation.

Under a list of acceptable occupations, PAP candidate Eric Chua should have written “unemployed” instead.

Chan Chun Sing then had to give in as both teams would be disqualified if they do not agree to allow each other to correct the paperwork based on election rules.