PAP Indranee Rajah

When questioned about the Workers’ Party’s election chances, PAP Minister Indranee Rajah said Singaporeans don’t need to vote for the Opposition:

“Even if the PAP took all the elected seats, which we do not take for granted and cannot be a given, you will still have 12 NCMPs.”

The Non-Constituency MP (NCMP) scheme is a fake MP position that does not grant them any voting right. If the PAP wins all the seats, the government will be able to pass any policy they want without any disagreement.

The millionaire minister said her PAP government cannot perform if there is too many opposition members in Parliament:

“So with all of this going on, you need a strong capable government that is able to deliver on schemes. So I think the thing to remember is this. The weaker a government, the greater the inability to deliver for people. The stronger, a government, and provided the government has good plans in the interests of the people at heart, the greater the chances are that people will be able to overcome this crisis.”