PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling

PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling has confessed that she falsified her CV, which claimed that she started the Social Service Training Institute.

Contesting in Ang Mo Kio GRC, PAP Ng Ling Ling said in her candidate introduction profile in a video:

“I found a platform in the National Council of Social Service where I developed non profit boards, I set up the Social Service Training Institute and I allocated funds to assure that social service agencies can run critical programmes.”

She repeated the same falseful claims at her winning award of 2018 Woman of the Year (link here).

Former colleague of the PAP candidate, Richard Giam, posted on Facebook pointing out that she did not set up the institution as claimed:

“I believe PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling made a false claim. She was not the one who set up Social Service Training Institute (SSTI), NCSS which she claimed to be in one of her PAP videos. It was Ms Tan Bee Heong, the founding director of SSTI. Choice of words is important. I cannot publicly claim that I set up a team when I was only one of the contributing members. It would be very misleading and deceptive.”

PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling however did not apologise and insisted she was a “pioneer” member:

“Bee Heong was the director, and I was a member of her pioneer team.”

This is the 3rd PAP candidate under public scrutiny for making baseless claims or having questionable behaviour, after Ivan Lim and Shawn Huang.