FAP Jason Chua featured in state media

In the latest effort to clamp down on Fake News, Facebook has confirmed that they have taken down the ruling party’s fake news page “Fabrications About PAP”:

“We’ve taken action on several accounts in Singapore for violating our policies. These accounts were discovered during our ongoing proactive work to find and take action on accounts that violate our policies. This action is based on the behaviour of these accounts, not based on the content they posted.”

While Facebook did not specify what behaviour these accounts exhibit, the pro-PAP page was filled with comments by numerous fake profiles. Also commonly known as the Internet Brigade (IB), “Fabrications About PAP” (FAP) published fake news to support the regime and tarnish the reputation of government critics and opposition figures.

The absence of FAP means the ruling party can no longer propagate fake news to give itself unfair advantage.

The sole owner of FAP is an ex-Malaysian Jason Chua Chin Seng, whose occupation is unknown. Jason however manages the FAP page full-time according to a news report in 2015.

Facebook has earlier committed to ensure no foreign intervention on Singapore elections, which the Singapore PAP government mistaking it as an assist to the dictatorship regime.

Interestingly, States Times Review’s Facebook page which has been accused of being a “fake news” by numerous PAP ministers, is never once taken down by Facebook.