Shawn Ingkiriwang Huang

A PAP candidate who is ashamed of his Indonesian Chinese roots, changed his surname to contest the Singapore General Election. 38-year-old new citizen, Shawn Huang Wei Zhong’s original surname is Ingkiriwang, and it was changed only this year in 2020.

The PAP candidate did not explain why he find his surname Ingkiriwang shameful.

Like Ivan Lim, Shawn Ingkiriwang Huang Wei Zhong turned out to be another controversial figure with a dubious character. He was described as “having anger management problems” by his ex-colleagues from the Air Force, when his candidacy was announced by the PAP.

An Air Force regular testified she saw Shawn Ingkiriwang threw a lunch box at 2 NSF volunteers during a rehearsal for NDP 2018. The fighter pilot flew into a temper when he was told the lunch box was meant for the participants.

Shawn Ingkiriwang is reportedly drawing S$30,000 in monthly salaries as a director at Temasek Holdings, a position he got through cronyism links with Lee Hsien Loong. In reward for his loyalty, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wants to make him a Minister like he did for army general Chan Chun Sing.


A former air force pilot for 20 years, Shawn Ingkiriwang signed on with the RSAF to get his Singapore citizenship.

He grew up in Indonesia and his father is an influential and wealthy Indonesia businessman. A source close to the PAP candidate said the Ingkiriwang senior is wanted for tax evasion in Indonesia.

He has never worked a day in the private sector and had been a military man throughout the past two decades. Shaw Ingkiriwang had only 5 months of experience working at Temasek Holdings under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching.

According to a local technology forum, Shawn Ingkiriwang wrote his own Wikipedia page to self-promote himself. He “volunteered” at Jurong GRC for a few years, and finally successfully met the Prime Minister himself to land himself the job at Temasek Holdings.