PAP flags at Marine Terrace, 27 June 2020

When queried by the public why PAP flags are now set up all over the country, the Elections Department responded saying these flags are none of their concern as they fall under “other legislations”:

“As the period of campaigning by political parties for the July 10 General Election (GE) has not started, the rules relating to the display of posters and banners under the Parliamentary Elections (Election Advertising) Regulations do not apply at this time. For now, the display of posters and banners is governed by other legislation such as the Town Councils Act.”

The corrupted Elections Department, under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, refused to order the PAP flags be taken down despite the obvious breach of election law. Flags of political parties can only be set up during the campaigning period.

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat had also breached the COVID regulation, by speaking to the media without wearing a face mask. The Elections Department and Ministry of Health refused to take action on the complaint lodged by the public.