Long queue to enter malls

Singapore’s community infection is now out of control with the Ministry of Health declaring, in a single day yesterday, 12 locations as places visited by numerous infectious patients.

To make things worse, the 12 locations include popular malls that do not have social distancing:

“Twelve places, including 313 @ somerset, VivoCity and Bugis Junction, are among the new places on a list of venues which Covid-19 patients visited. Besides these three malls, the other locations newly added to the list of places visited by the patients when they were infectious are POSB bank at Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre, a Sheng Siong supermarket at 301 Geylang Road, Haniffa at 118 Dunlop Street, Heartland Mall, Queensway Shopping Centre, Seah Im Food Centre, Lucky Plaza, Peninsula Shopping Centre and Kallang Wave Mall.”

Public transport commute in Singapore no longer require social distancing as the government claimed it is impossible to catch the virus on Singapore trains and buses.

Contact tracing app, SafeEntry, is not working and the Singapore government was unable to identify who have interaction with the infected. The Ministry of Health said Singaporeans should look up the list themselves and self-monitor:

“This list of locations that Covid-19 patients have visited for more than 30 minutes to get those who were at these places to monitor their health closely for two weeks from the date of their visit.”

Singapore reported 113 new cases, but only details of 5 so-called community cases were published. All 5 community cases are unlinked infection, and the ministry assumed the remaining 108 cases are infected from the dormitories. This is however untrue as a few local staffs working in dormitories were later found to be infected, and they could have passed the virus to the dorm workers instead.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong claimed that the hundreds of new cases each day is “stable”. Singapore is however unable to convince foreign countries from opening up travel arrangement.