Lawrence Wong

In a media adress yesterday, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong revealed that the government have only tested less than half of the 323,000 foreign worker population and he is unable to give a deadline when this will be completed:

“About 120,000 migrant workers have either recovered from or tested negative for COVID-19 so far. About 40 per cent of the workers have been cleared of COVID-19 so far.”

As of yesterday, another 6,000 are currently quarantined in hospitals – making the total to be around 126,000 out of 323,000 foreign workers.

The testing of foreign workers in dormitories started on April 7, and it is coming to 3 months with little progress.

Minister Lawrence Wong then quickly promised to complete testing of “70% to 80%” by end July “hopefully”:

“About 70 to 80 per cent of migrant workers staying in dormitories are expected be cleared of COVID-19 by the end of July… The remaining workers will hopefully be tested in the few more weeks beyond that… Twenty per cent will then remain. Hopefully a few more weeks beyond that in August, we will be able to clear all of the workers in the dormitories.”

This means Singapore would have to test 300,000 foreign workers in 30 days, or an average of about 10,000 tests a day. The number of daily new tests done each day is however not revealed.