Singapore coffeeshop during Phase 2

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has issued a new advisory warning Singaporeans that they may face a S$300 fines, or more, if they are talking without a masks even at dining tables.

The health ministry told the state media that Singaporeans must immediately wear their mask after putting food or drinks in their mouth:

“Diners should only remove their masks while eating or drinking, rather than for the whole duration of the meal. Masks should not be removed for the whole duration while dining out, but only when actually eating/drinking. Masks are not permitted to be removed for the sole purpose of talking to others.”

This means Singaporeans can no longer get round the rules by sitting for a chat with their masks off at coffeeshops, cafes and restaurants.

The new law came after Singapore posted 191 new cases yesterday, again blaming foreign workers for the majority of the infection. Unlinked infection is on the rise, including a nurse at Ng Teng Fong Hospital. The nurse, believed to be infected from public transport commute, was still working while he was infectious.