Malaysians at Causeway

A Malaysian couple complained on Chinese forum, Singapore Eye, questioning the Singapore government why do they have to pay S$1,300 each for 14 days of quarantine.

The two Malaysians on permanent residency entered Singapore after the June 17 deadline, and they were quarantined at Marina Bay Sands hotel. Holding jobs in Singapore, the two complained that quarantine used to be free for PRs, and demanded they be given the same rights as citizens.

The news came after Malaysian workers in Singapore complained about Singapore not providing free lodging for them. The Malaysian workers said that Singapore will collapse without foreigners, and the government should be sponsoring their stay here in Singapore like they did for the foreign workers in dormitories.

Singaporeans received only S$600 from the government during the coronavirus recession, the lowest cash handout in the world.

Under Malaysia’s movement restrictions since March 18, Malaysians have been unable to commute daily from their Johor homes to Singapore. The border remain closed as Singapore is still reporting hundreds of new cases each day.