Chan Chun Sing; Straits Times

The Japanese government today confirmed that it will be setting up a travel bubble with Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand only. This revised proposal will exclude Singapore, dropping Singapore out from the initial discussion.

The travel bubble arrangement prohibits a member country from opening up with a third party country not in the arrangement, hence locking down Australia and New Zealand’s discussion with Singapore.

Singapore is still reporting hundreds of new cases each day, and no foreign country takes in the fake news by the Singapore government claiming foreign worker infection is not part of “community cases”.

Only Singaporeans in Singapore believe in the government propaganda that foreign worker infection have no impact on the rest of the population in the overcrowded island state.

Currently only China have a travel arrangement with Singapore, which is strictly for essential business trips only.

Singapore’s Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing has earlier in May said he is still talking with Malaysia, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Nothing happened, and there has been no update. Singapore even failed to get Malaysia to open up.