Pink Dot protesters

A Singapore’s gay rights group are now trying to influence gays and lesbians in the country to supporting the PAP in the upcoming General Election.

The female gay rights group, Sayoni, published a “scorecard” ranking PAP minister K Shanmugam and PAP MP Tan Chuan Jin as “A-Graders”, canvassing for homosexuals to vote for them in this election.

Sayoni timed the scorecard with the announcement of the General Elections on July 10.

K Shanmugam and Tan Chuan Jin are facing potential losses in their re-election due to numerous government failures under their charge.

Sayoni is funded by foreign donors but the Singapore Police turned a blind eye on election laws banning foreign intervention. With the Attorney General Lucien Wong a personal friend of dictator Lee Hsien Loong, the government can choose not to charge any foreigner advocating the PAP interests.

Numerous similar foreign interventions supporting the PAP have also been given leeway, like NAS Daily and Polish national Michael Petraeus – both residing in Singapore.

Independent news media criticising the Singapore government by citizen Alex Tan, was however banned and labelled as “foreign intervention”. The States Times Review editor is out of reach from Singapore’s POFMA censorships as he writes all of his articles from overseas.