New PAP candidates

An ex-subordinate in the military of Ivan Lim has spoken out revealing the abhorring behaviour of the PAP candidate.

A Bryant Wong wrote on Facebook stating that Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan was his Commanding Officer (CO) in the Combat Engineer Battalion. The former RSM said that Ivan Lim frequently drove expensive cars into the army camp to show off his wealth and status.

During a field trip, Ivan Lim flared up against his subordinates after one of them brought low-ranking sergeants into the air-conditioned tentage he was sitting in:

“I was disgusted. His action and speech were simply that of an elitist.”

According to the former military officer, Ivan Lim would brag to his soldiers how he is the General Manager at the government-owned shipyard Keppel and how many people were reporting under him:

“There were other instances during the Battalion briefings where he would always peppered the briefings with his personal achievements (How he is a GM at a shipyard, how many people reporting to him at work etc.) He was never well liked by his soldiers and commanders of the Battalion due to his “humble brag” and driving around the camp in his expensive cars.”

Ivan Lim’s ex-subordinates at Keppel and ex-classmates also testified against him:

“This IVAN LIM. If you are an employee from Keppel. U will know how hao lian he is.”
“Same industry, same class in SP as he was. I wholeheartedly agree.”
“I was part of the battalion of Ivan and he is not as humble as he looks in white today. Arrogant and lack of respect for common people.”

The General Manager of Keppel Offshore & Marine, is also involved in a S$55 million bribery scandal in Brazil. The Singapore government had to pay US$422 million in fines to settle the matter out of court, so the US and Brazil governments will not charge the Singaporean culprits.

Ivan Lim is contesting at Tanjong Pagar GRC, under army general Minister Chan Chun Sing. Lee Hsien Yang will be contesting the ward of his late father Lee Kuan Yew’s as the Opposition.