Screenshot of Shanmugam from Facebook video

Knowing your rubbish, is the first step to a better future.

The election is coming, and it is finally the time for housekeeping. But most Singaporeans are confused and largely ignorant which rubbish should be thrown out.

The first and most common type of rubbish are those taking space in the house, making no contribution like PAP MP Intan, Tan Wu Meng, Darryl David, Heng Chee How and Cheryl Chan – some you probably never heard before because they hardly attend Parliament seatings. Their job is to vote for whatever their party leaders wanted them to, and make up the numbers for the PAP to pass any law they like.

Then there are the rubbish that stank the house, like Chan Chun Sing, Lawrence Wong, Josephine Teo, Lee Bee Wah, Grace Fu, Vivian Balakrishnan and Tan Chuan Jin. Foul-mouthed, inconsiderate, and always making disgraceful statements. Despite being government officials, they can’t speak English. These rubbish are put in power of positions but they know nothing about the ministry they are heading. Promising the sky and not delivering, these politicians is all talk and no actions.

The last form of rubbish is absolute toxic. They are health hazards and their cronies are like cockroaches and houseflies. Poisonous politicians like K Shanmugam are dangerous for your health and family. The corrupted Law Minister controls every aspect of your life, making legislation to benefit only himself and the ruling party dictatorship. Minister K Shanmugam invented POFMA censorships, making it illegal for Singaporeans to criticise the government. The other toxic ones like Khaw Boon Wan, make you pay more each day raising your daily cost of living like train and bus fares. With these toxic rubbish around, Singaporeans ended up poorer every year.

The coronavirus outbreak would not be as bad as today, if not for these rubbish politicians screwing up their basic role as ministers.

Knowing your rubbish is the first step to cleaner politics in Singapore. Trash these rubbish out this election. July 10 is payback time.