Northpoint Mall crowd

Thousands of commuters are at risk of infection, after queuing back-to-back without observing social distancing at an active coronavirus cluster, Yishun Northpoint mall.

Most of those queuing to get into the mall were trying to access the MRT station or the bus interchange, but they were stopped by mall management due to crowd control legislations. When one of the commuters was questioned by the media over why is she not observing social distancing, she said nobody is doing it anyway.

No NEA officer was seen on site ensuring social distancing in the queue, which would take a person as long as 15 minutes to clear.

Yishun Northpoint mall has been an active coronavirus cluster since April 25. Three cleaners at the mall were infected, and a new cluster in the mall popped up at the Seoul Garden restaurant. The government refused to disclose how many staffs at Seoul Garden were infected.

The absence of social distancing is also seen at Jurong mall, which sits between the Boon Lay train station and the Boon Lay bus interchange.