Gan Kim Yong

A 48 year old foreign worker died from an artery clot after being discharged from the hospital a week ago. He was still testing positive at the point of discharge, according to the Ministry of Health.

The deceased tested positive on May 15, and he was discharged on an undisclosed date, which the ministry refused to reveal.

The Indian national is the latest victim to the government’s hasty discharge of COVID positive patients. He died yesterday morning (Jun 23) at a new housing site, where he mingled with numerous foreign workers.

According to the Ministry of Health, Singapore changed its hospital discharge policy last month and began discharging patients who still test positive after 21 days.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong claimed that these “clinically well” infected patients are “no longer infectious” and in a clean bill of health.

In the preparation of the General Election, Singapore’s ruling party PAP government is desperately depressing the COVID figures artificially by reducing daily new test rates and discharging patients still testing positive.