7News Sydney video

In a live interview with 7News Sydney, World Health Organisation’s epidemiologist Dr Mary-Louise McLaws highlighted that the coronavirus outbreak performance of governments around the world can be measured by the number of infection rate per million.

Categorised in three groups, best performing, “performing well” (good), and the “could do better” (worst).

The best performing countries are Taiwan (19 per million), China (58 per million), Hong Kong (157 per million), South Korea (244 per million) and Australia (294 per million). The “performing well” countries are Austria (1,933 per million), Finland (1,291 per million), Germany (2,296 per million) and Israel (2,310 per million).

The worst governments in this outbreak is United Kingdom (4,498 per million), USA (7,221 per million), Brazil (5,240 per million) and Russia (4,109 per million).

Singapore have a higher infection rate than the worst group, at 7,254 infection per million.

The Singapore island is still reporting hundreds of new cases each day, but Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong claimed that the situation is “stable” and “under control”.

Singapore now have 42,432 confirmed cases, and this is largely resulted from a wrong government policy telling residents not to wear a mask in public during the early stages of the outbreak.