Minister Chan Chun Sing

Former army general Minister Chan Chun Sing has been crowned the most hated politician in Singapore, due to his monkey antics during the coronavirus outbreak.

A search on Singapore politicians revealed Chan Chun Sing to be the most controversial.

The leaked audio tape in February and a “cotton from sheep” comment in May took the headlines, with commentators criticising the minister’s worrisome lack of decorum and linguistic abilities.

The recent news of 250,000 eggs being thrown away due to oversupply in May, was also linked to Chan Chun Sing – who in April imported eggs from Poland and South Korea. Chan Chun Sing was also embroiled in a scandal on face masks, which he claimed was in adequate supply despite them running out during the early stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even before the four sagas, many have questioned if Chan Chun Sing is fit to be minister. The former army general has never worked a day in the private sector, but he is always seen dishing out “advice” to businesses how to operate under new government regulations. Businessmen in Singapore did not take Chan Chun Sing’s advice well either, with many telling him to “fly kite”.

Unfortunately for Singaporeans, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong likes Chan Chun Sing and even earmarked him as the Deputy Prime Minister in the next election.

The only way to take Chan Chun Sing out is through unseating him at Tanjong Pagar GRC.