Lee Hsien Loong address on April 3rd

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced that the next General Election will be held in two weeks’ time on July 10, claiming that the coronavirus outbreak situation is “stable”.

Speaking via propaganda televised broadcast today, Lee Hsien Loong said:

“I have decided to call the general election now, while the Covid-19 situation is relatively stable, to give the new government a fresh five-year mandate.”

Singapore is still reporting hundreds of new cases each day, with widespread community infection. Singapore have a total of 42,432 confirmed cases, making it the biggest virus epicentre in Asia. Despite not revealing the number of daily new tests done, the PAP government claimed the situation is “under control”.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that he needs to win the election so he can “focus” on handling the outbreak and making “difficult decisions”:

“After the election, the new government can focus on the national agenda – which include handling the coronavirus pandemic, the economy and jobs – and the difficult decisions it will have to make and to carry.”

The dictator did not explain what “difficult decisions” he is making, but this will include major tax raises on the people to recover the S$100 billion he incurred.

The election timeline is as follow:

June 23 – Parliament dissolved
June 30 – Nomination Day
July 9 – Cooling-off Day
July 10 – Polling Day